Call for Papers: FRG-IGIDR-IIM Udaipur Field Workshop on Market Microstructure

December 20, 2019

We invite submissions for a one day workshop on market microstructure of Indian securities market, which is co-hosted by the Finance Research Group, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research and IIM Udaipur. The work- shop will feature five research papers and one panel discussion. The focus of the workshop is empirical analyses of recent issues related to microstructure of securities market, including questions on

  • market design
  • information and price discovery
  • iquidity
  • market integrity and
  • regulation

Preliminary versions of the paper may be considered provided that the re- search question is clearly outlined along with preliminary results.

The workshop will be held in Bombay on February 8, 2020. Please send in your submissions before January 5, 2020. Selection decisions will be announced by January 20, 2020. One day accommodation may be provided to selected academic presenters. Please send papers to this jyoti.frg@gmail.com.

For further queries, write to jyoti.frg@gmail.com.