Lockdown has exposed us to challenges that are yet to fully emerge

Dr. Y Shekar, In-charge, Center for Digital Enterprise, IIM Udaipur, shared his concern on the ongoing COVID-19 situations and the complexities that are yet to emerge. Besides being declared a pandemic by WHO, it has challenged the world on social, economic, and cultural aspects. It’s an unusual event that demands new ideas and innovative ways to deal with it. Dr. Shekar further added that even the economically powerful countries and those with excellent infrastructure and public hygiene systems find it hard to cope with coronavirus’s attack. Like many other countries, India has also imposed a national lockdown, which is now in its ninth week. The nation-wide lockdown has restricted business activities and paralyzed economic structure to signal a bleak fiscal year. The lockdown has accelerated debates on life versus livelihood as well as on challenges and opportunities post the lockdown period. Please read the article to know some of the emerging questions that may change some things permanently

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