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Puneet   Prakash
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Puneet Prakash

Finance and Accounting


PhD in Risk Management and Insurance from Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia). MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (New Delhi, India). MS in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur, India)



Contact Information
Fax Number: 804-828-8884
Office Room Number: B4165
Department: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Address: Snead Hall, 301 W. Main Street, Box 844000

Dr. Prakash teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the department. His teaching interest straddles both Finance, and Risk and Insurance courses with special emphasis on financial risk management. His scholarly work focuses on studies of risk. His research has appeared in Journal of Risk and Insurance, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance- Issues and Practice, Journal of Information System Security among others. He serves on the Editorial board of the International Journal of Engineering and Industries and is also an ad-hoc reviewer for the Financial Review and the Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice. He has given invited seminars and made conference presentations internationally. He is a member of professional organizations ARIA, FMA, AFA, EFA and VASUG.

Selected Publications
  • Paper: “Risk-taking and performance of public insurers: An international comparison,”  Journal of Risk and Insurance, Forthcoming. (joint with L. Paige Fields and Manu Gupta)
  • Paper: “Risk Based Valuation of Investments in Information Security- A Combination Approach,” Journal of Information System Security, 2012, 8(1):43-55.
  • Paper: "Information Embedded in Directors and Officers Insurance Purchases," Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice, 2012, 37(3), 429 - 451 (joint with Manu Gupta).
  • Paper: “Federal regulation of insurance that never was: A tale of two Acts, and implications for economic models of regulation, Economics and Finance Notes, 2012, 1(1): 19-38(January-June) (joint with Manu Gupta).
  • Paper: "Governance and Shareholder Response to Chief Risk Officer Appointments," Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice, 2012(1), 37:108-124. (joint with Manu Gupta and Nanda Rangan)
  • Paper: “Performance reversals and attitudes towards risk in the Venture Capital (VC) market,” Journal of Economics and Business 2010, 62, 537-561 (joint with Oghenovo Obrimah).
  • Paper: “Using the Calculation of Margins in a Long Stock Position to Teach Simple Excel Techniques,”   Journal of Financial Modeling and Educational Technology 2010, 1, 39-46 (joint with Oghenovo Obrimah and Dan Salandro).
  • Book Chapter: “Investor Protections and their Impact on Capital Markets,” Chapter 2 in the Handbook on Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance, Eds. Tourani-Rad, A., and Ingley, C. 2010, 9-22, Publisher- World Scientific. (joint with Manu Gupta, Oghenovo Obrimah and Nanda Rangan).
  • Article (Invited): “Bank bailouts: Lesson to learn,” The Analyst, annual issue- January 2009 - Publisher ICFAI university press.