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JM Financial Centre for Financial Research

The JM Financial Centre for Financial Research is a research centre at the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur that aims to conduct cutting-edge research in broad areas of finance, accounting, and related disciplines, with a strong industry and regulatory connect. The Centre not only aims to advance research in traditional topics, such as financial markets, corporate finance, and accounting quality, but also seeks to promote research on topical issues, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, climate finance, sustainability, Fintech, and inclusive growth. In doing so, the Centre aims to engage regularly with both industry and regulatory bodies to provide solutions to real-world problems.


One of the primary goals of the Centre is to bridge the gap between academic and industry-oriented research by fostering a continuous dialogue among financial regulators, academics, industry experts, and business leaders. It also strives to serve as a forum for discussions on issues and challenges currently facing the finance industry to guide businesses and support evidence-based policy decisions in the rapidly transforming financial sector.