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The Centre’s activities will revolve around knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination, and industry engagement.

Apart from acting as an enabler in the thematic academic research projects by faculty at IIMU, the Centre will focus on

  • Practice-oriented research
  • Industry Dialogues
  • Annual Research Workshop

The activities will be led by IIMU faculty and duly supported by research fellows. Industry dialogues will help the faculty understand the practitioners’ perspectives on potential research ideas and get access to proprietary data. These dialogues will also help disseminate the knowledge generated by the Center’s research activities. The Annual Research Workshop will be the flagship event of the Center and will showcase the activities undertaken by the Center during the year. The workshop will provide another platform for deeper discussions on the thematic thrust areas of the Center.

The Center will also release two annual reports (once every six months) on the developments in the Centre’s thrust areas in the Indian context. These reports will be published on the Centre’s website and will be open access.