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The IIM Udaipur’s Business Review magazine is a biannual publication committed to making high-quality, impact-oriented research accessible to practitioners and providing insights and opinions of experts valuable for management professionals.

IIMU’s commitment to research that builds theory and inspires practice has been an integral part of the Institute’s journey since its inception. Research is a key building block for any B-school that aspires to be of global standards. The main focus of the research is to add to the body of knowledge and eventually for that knowledge to be transferred to the world of practice.

Increasingly, management research is being considered not just from an academic or theoretical perspective but also in terms of its impact on practice – on the professional and practice constituencies including policymakers, the corporate world, government, and the development sector.

IIMU Business Review aims to bring the world of academic researchers and practitioners closer by showing how each can inspire and stimulate the other.

Editorial Team of IIMU Business Review Magazine

Prof. Avijit Raychaudhuri

Faculty, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, and Information Systems area
IIM Udaipur

Prof. Kirti Mishra

Faculty, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources Management area
IIM Udaipur

Prof. Prakash Satyavageeswaran

Faculty, Marketing area
IIM Udaipur

Prof. Shobhit Aggarwal

Faculty, Finance, and Accounting area
IIM Udaipur

Second Issue: Supply Chain Management - The Big Picture to Efficiency

The second issue of the IIMU Business Review Magazine focuses on Supply Chain Management - The Big Picture to Efficiency.

In the conversation section, we are pleased to host a discussion with Prof. Ananth Iyer on the economic disruption caused due to unprecedented global pandemic outbreaks in the world. While Mr. Sahil Barua talks about how the supply chains had to evolve overnight.

The featured stories in the magazine assert how COVID will change the future of supply chains and how the pandemic can act as a catalyst for organizations worldwide to make their supply chains more agile and resilient to future disruptions.

This issue reflects the changes the pandemic has caused in the supply chains and the impact it will have on the field. In addition, there are book reviews, authored articles, and an array of research papers published in the top global journals of IIMU faculty.

First Issue: The digital world of disruption, development, and discernment

The first issue of IIMU's Business Review magazine focuses on the digital world of disruption, development, and discernment which is emerging in India.

In the Conversations section, we are very pleased to host a discussion with Mr. Satish Kumar Gupta on introducing several digital payment systems and transforming banking and payments in India. Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya talks about the contours of the emerging digitalization for making businesses better and reducing the transaction cost within the global economy.

This issue also presents a feature that focuses on the skills needed in the digital era. In addition, there are book reviews and summaries of the impact-oriented research papers of IIMU's faculty which have been accepted by top global journals.

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