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Seminar Schedule


Seminar Schedule

A key element of IIMU’s mission is our commitment to thought leadership in research that builds theory and inspires practice. Our objective is to establish IIM Udaipur as a leader in management research in India.

As part of this effort, we have created multiple forums for faculty to exchange research ideas and remain informed about their colleagues' projects. A fortnightly internal seminar series provides an opportunity for faculty to present research paper drafts to their colleagues to get internal feedback. A Research Incubation Series (RISE) encourages dialogue among faculty to share ideas on newly initiated research projects and possibly spawn research collaborations.

Research Seminars
Date Faculty Member Title
1-Feb-18 Tarun Jain Excess Procurement Strategies under Competition
15-Feb-18 Ratul Lahkar An Evolutionary Analysis of Growth and Fluctuations with Negative Externalities
8-Mar-18 Rajesh Nanarpuzha
15-Mar-18 Satyam Mukherjee Functional Coordination in Developer's Network in Open Source Software
5-Apr-18 Ranojoy Basu
19-Apr-18 Ashay Kadam
Rise Seminars
Date Faculty Member Title
2-Feb-18 Patrali ChakrabartyInviting Customers to Responsible Consumption Choices
9-Feb-18 Vijayta Doshi Cosmetic change? Habitus and the negotiation of masculinity
23-Feb-18 Dina Banerjee Social constructionism: shift from STEM to non-STEM careers in India
9-Mar-18 Shobhit Aggarwal
23-Mar-18 Rezina Sultana
13-Apr-18 Ashay Kadam
27-Apr-18 Satyam Mukherjee The Dynamics of Design Microstructures in Open Collaboration: A Motif Perspective