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Seminar Schedule

A key element of IIMU’s mission is our commitment to thought leadership in research that builds theory and inspires practice. Our objective is to establish IIM Udaipur as a leader in management research in India.

As part of this effort, we have created multiple forums for faculty to exchange research ideas and remain informed about their colleagues' projects. A fortnightly internal seminar series provides an opportunity for faculty to present research paper drafts to their colleagues to get internal feedback. A Research Incubation Series (RISE) encourages dialogue among faculty to share ideas on newly initiated research projects and possibly spawn research collaborations.

Research Seminars
Date Faculty Member Title
14-Jun-18Prateek Sharma Quantile forecasts using the Realized GARCH-EVT approach
9-Aug-18TusharReturns to education in India: A comparative analysis of business, farm and wage workers
20-Sep-18Ratul LahkarEvolutionary Implementation in a Public Goods Game
28-Sep-18Shobhit AggarwalDividend Tax Effects - Evidence from India
21-Mar-19 Arpana RaiExamining Dynamics of Empowering Leadership: A study of Indian Managerial Employees
15-Mar-19 Ram GopalWebsite Third–Parties: Information Sharing, Privacy, Economics, and Fake News Detection
20-Jun-19 Tarun JainPricing of Cloud Computing Services
04-Jul-19 Ujjwal DasInference in semi-parametric zero inflated ordinal regression
19-Sep-19 Sumit Kumar
Rise Seminars
DateFaculty MemberTitle
1-Jun-18Prateek SharmaReadability of financial statements and investor behavior
14-Sep-18Arpana RaiTesting the Paradoxical nature of Empowering Leadership: Evidence from India
25-Jan-19Vijayta DoshiWomen entrepreneurship in India
1-Mar-19Kirti MishraBusiness, community, and nature: a human ecology perspective
07-Jun-19PrakashMarketing for Marketing's Sake
Guest Seminar
DateFaculty MemberTitle
8-Jun-18 Prof. Anupam Agrawal (Texas A&M University)How does a return period policy change affect multi channel retailer profitabilit
15-Jun-18Vikram Desai (Nova South Eastern University)How do Auditors Issue Going Concern Opinions? A Dynamic model using Belief Functions; Evidence from 2004 to 2015
2-Aug-18Chandan JhaCondoning Corruption: Who Votes for Corrupt Political Parties?
7-Jan-19Srinivas VenugopalImplementation of Social Innovations in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets: A Facilitated Institutional Change Process Model
7-Jan-19Anaka AiyarUnintended spillovers of targeted health insurance programs on intra- household resource allocations
10-Jan-19Christopher SutterInstitutional Intermediation and Institutional Logics
11-Jan-19Niharika GarudA Daily Examination of the Costs And Benefits of Workplace Intrusions in an R&D Organization
11-Jan-19Rakesh PatiOutsourcing and Firm Performance: The Moderating Effect of Business Group Affiliation
15-Jan-19Ashiq AliAccounting Profitability and Takeover Likelihood
18-Jan-19 Tes RaghavanOn an iterative approach to compute the nucleolus for assignment games