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Ratul  Lahkar
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Ratul Lahkar



  • Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin‐Madison.
  • MA (2001) - Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.
  • BA (1999) - Ramjas College,University of Delhi.

Research interest
  • Game Theory, Evolution and Learning in Games, Mathematical Economics,Microeconomic Theory

Research Papers
  • The Projection Dynamic and the Geometry of Population Games (with William H.Sandholm); Games and Economic Behavior, 2008, Volume 64, pages 565‐590.
  • The Projection Dynamic and the Replicator Dynamic (with William H. Sandholm and Emin Dokumaci); Games and Economic Behavior, 2008, Volume 64, pages 666‐683.
  • The Dynamic Instability of Dispersed Price Equilibria; Journal of Economic Theory, 2011,Volume 146, pages 1796‐1827.
  • Evolutionary Game Theory: An Exposition, Indian Growth and Development Review, 2012, Volume 5, 202‐213.
  • Reinforcement Learning in Population Games (with Rob Seymour); Games and Economic Behavior, 2013, Volume 80, pages 10‐38.
  • Evolution in Bayesian Supermodular Population Games; Studies in Microeconomics,2013, Volume 1, pages 59‐80.
  • Risk Diversification through Multiple Group Membership in Microfinance (with Viswanath Pingali); Applied Economics Letters, 2014, Volume 9, 622-625.
  • The Dynamics of Generalized Reinforcement Learning (with Rob Seymour); Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, Volume 151, 584-595.
  • The Logit Dynamic for Games with Continuous Strategy Sets (with Frank Riedel); Games and Economic Behavior, 2015, Volume 91, 268-282.
  • Expansion and Welfare in Microfinance: A Screening Model (with Viswanath Pingali);Economic Modelling, 2016,Volume 53, 1-7.
  • Does Multiple Borrowing Necessarily Mean Over Borrowing? (with Viswanath Pingali and Santadarshan Sadhu); forthcoming, Enterprise Development and Microfinance.
  • Large Population Aggregative Potential Games, forthcoming,Dynamic Games and Applications
Work in Progress
  • Evolution in Aggregative Potential Games.
  • Aspiration, Learning and Social Change.
  • Endogenous Fluctuations in Aggregate Output: An Evolutionary Approach.
  • July 2014-June, 2016: Associate Professor, Ashoka University.
  • April 2012‐June 2014: Associate Professor, IFMR, Chennai.
  • June 2008‐April 2012: Assistant Professor, IFMR, Chennai.
  • April, 2007‐June 2008: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics and ELSE centre, University College London.
Conference Presentations
  • Workshop of Networks and Game Theory; 2014 (Dibrugarh University), 2015 (IIT Ropar).
  • Workshop on Evolutionary Dynamics and Market Structure, Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, University of Bonn, 2013.
  • Asian Meetings of the Econometric Society (2012, Delhi; 2011, Seoul).
  • World Congress of the Game Theory Society (2012, Istanbul).
  • Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development, ISI Delhi (2008‐2011,2013).
  • Winter School, Delhi School of Economics (2008, 2010)
  • School on Mathematical Finance; TIFR, Bombay, 2012.
  • UECE Lisbon Meetings : Game Theory and Applications; Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009