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Subhadip  Roy
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Subhadip Roy



  • Doctor of Philosophy, ICFAI University, Dehradun, 2009, August, 2004 – May, 2009
  • Masters of Business Management, 2003, University of Calcutta
  • Bachelor of Science, 2001, Asutosh College/University of Calcutta

Research Interest
  • Brand Management, Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Qualitative Research.

  • Roy, S. and Moorthi, Y.L.R. (Forthcoming, 2012). Investigating Endorser Personality Effects on Brand Personality: Evidence from India, Journal of Brand Strategy.
  • Roy, S., Gammoh, B. and Koh, A. (Forthcoming, 2012). Predicting the Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements Using Balance Theory, Journal of Customer Behavior.
  • Roy, S. and Banerjee, P. (Forthcoming, 2012). Finding a way out of the Ethnographic Paradigm Jungle, The Qualitative Report, 17 (5).
  • Roy, S., Tarafdar, M., Ragu-Nathan, T. and Marsillac, E. (2012). The Effect of Misspecification of Reflective and Formative Constructs in Operations and Manufacturing Management Research, Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 10 (1), 34-52.
  • Banerjee, P. and Roy, S. (2011). Choupal Sagar: Problems of the Pioneer of Organized Retailing in Rural India, Southeast Case Research Journal, 8 (1), 58-66.
  • Pradhan, S. and Roy, S. (2011). The Nature of Socially Responsible Communication in Indian Companies, Business: Theory and Practice, 12 (1), 24-32.
  • Jain, V.; Roy, S.; Daswani, A. and Sudha, M. (2011). What Really Works for Teenagers: Human or Fictional Celebrity?, Young Consumers, 12(2), 171-183.
  • Krishnatray, P.; Roy, S. and Gadekar, R. (2010). Perceptual Mapping of Hindi News Channels. Journal of Creative Communications, 5 (1), 47-62.
  • Jain, V.; Roy, S.; Kumar, A. and Kabra, A. (2010). Differential Effect of National vs. Regional Celebrities on Consumer Attitudes. Management & Marketing: Challenges for Knowledge Society, 5 (4), 121-134.
  • Jain, V.; Roy, S.; Daswani, A. and Sudha, M. (2010), How Celebrities are Used in Indian Television Commercials, Vikalpa, 35 (4), 45-52.
  • Roy, S. (2010). Shrimp Exports From India – Challenging Times Ahead, International Journal of Management Cases, 12 (1), 32-50.
  • Chakraborti, R. and Roy, S. (2010). Effectiveness of Sidedness & Comparison Appeals in Advertising, Revista Românã De Marketing (Romanian Journal of Marketing), nr1 (Jan-March), 152-177.

Case Publications
  • Roy, S. and Bose, S. (2011). Punascha: Marketing Strategies of a Bengali Publisher, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/case_studies.htm?articleid=17004971
  • Roy, S. (2011). Corpus Electronics: Decision to Segment the Market for Convergence Products, IBS Case Development Center. www.ibscdc.org
  • Srinivas, V., Muthukumar, R. and Roy, S. (2011). Identifying Consumer Preferences and Market Positioning of a New Product, IBS Center for Management Research, www.icmrindia.org
  • Roy, S. and Muthukumar, R. (2010). Marketing Dilemma for 'Elan' Jeans Brand. IBS Case Development Center. www.ibscdc.org
  • Roy, S. (2010). Celebrity Endorsements and Product Categories. IBS Case Development Center. www.ibscdc.org
  • July 2007 - June 2013: Assistant Professor, IBS Hyderabad
  • August 2004 - June 2007: Research Scholar, ICFAI Institute for Management Teachers
  • December 2003 - July 2004: Client Servicing Executive in the Marketing Department, Imagine Advertising