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Tanvi   Gupta
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Tanvi Gupta



  • PhD. (2019) – Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
  • PGPCM – MICA, Ahmedabad, India

Research Interests
  • My research primarily explores the role of symbolic brand meaning in consumers’ lives, and how these meanings are shaped by culture and emotion. I apply perspectives from the disciplines of consumer psychology and consumer anthropology (CCT) in my research.
  • Focus areas: Branding, Culture, Aesthetics, Emotion, Embodied cognition
  • Substantive: Brand communications, Visual design, Judgment and decision making.
  • Methodological: Experiments (both laboratory and field experiments), Qualitative methods (depth interviews, discourse analysis, semiotics).
  • Gupta, Tanvi and Henrik Hagtvedt (2021), “Safe Together, Vulnerable Apart: How Interstitial Space in Text Logos Impacts Brand Attitudes in Tight versus Loose Cultures,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.
Working Papers
Projects with the Consumer Culture Lab:
  • Gendered meanings of “home” during a lockdown
  • Nostalgia associated with childhood memories of brands
  • Korean wave in India
Other projects:
  • Sound symbolism and linguistics in branding
  • Envy and consumer ethics
Conference Proceedings
  • Paradoxical Safety Signals: Cultural Tightness Shapes Contingent Meanings of Interstitial Space in Logos with Henrik Hagtvedt and Avinash Mulky, Association for Consumer Research Conference, October 2019 (forthcoming), Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Consumer Culture Theory in the Asia-Pacific Region: Accomplishments, Challenges, Opportunities with Eric Arnould, Søren Askegaard, Julien Cayla and Tanuka Ghoshal, roundtable at the Asia Pacific Association for Consumer Research Conference, January 2019, Ahmedabad, India.
  • Firstness, Secondness and Thirdness of User-Generated Content: Applying Peircean Semiotics to Social-Media Listening, presented at Semiofest 2018 (conference for practitioners of semiotics), September 2018, Mumbai, India.
  • Evil Eye: The Business of Anticipated Malicious Envy in India with Preeti Krishnan Lyndem, a documentary film presented in the videography track at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, October 2016, Berlin, Germany.
  • Navigating from Program Loyalty to Company Loyalty with Seema Gupta and Shainesh G., International Conference of Athens Institute for Education and Research, April 2016, Athens, Greece.
Industry Experience
  • With over eight years of engagement with the marketing research industry, Tanvi has worked across multiple brands, spanning both quantitative and qualitative research methods. During her stint at Kantar Millward Brown (2011-2014), she has worked on cultural analysis, concept testing, product testing, brand tracking, equity and advertisement pre-tests. She has hands-on experience with methods including semiotics, focusgroups, depth interviews, surveys, eye-tracking and facial-coding (emotion tracking). She has also been practicing as an independent semiotician decoding mental models of Indian culture for multiple brands.
  • Selected list of brands handled: ITC Foods, Unilever, PepsiCo, Diageo, Tata Global Beverages, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Nissan Motors.
  • ACR-Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award, Cross-cultural track, Dallas, Texas, 2018 (Grant of US$ 2,300).
  • ACR Doctoral Consortium Winner, CCT Track, Dallas, Texas, 2018.
  • Consortium Fellow, 7th AIM-AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium, Ahmedabad, India, 2019.
  • Global Award for Client Impact, Asia-Pacific Region, Millward Brown, 2013.
  • Gold Medal, Director’s Award for Academic Excellence, PGPCM, MICA, Ahmedabad, India, 2011.