Governance and Administration


Governance and Administration

Council of Student Affairs
About Us

Council of Students Affairs (CSA) is a democratically elected student body that acts as a bridge between the student community and the administration. It ensures accountability among all the student bodies on campus. It is also responsible for the development, review and revision of appropriate policies and code of conduct for student activities. CSA is the prime custodian of the students' constitution of IIM Udaipur. The Student Council acts as guardians of the common assets and liabilities of the student community. CSA also resolves conflicts among other student bodies and their representatives in a manner that ensures fairness to all the student bodies. The council consists of three entities working together in a flat structure to achieve all the above mentioned goals.

General Secretary

  • Ensuring that the actions taken by the student council are in the interest of the student community and compliant with the institute's core values
  • Acting as a bridge between the community and the Student Council ensuring the transparent flow of information and communication
  • Ensuring the fulfilment of yearly agendas and working of The House of Representatives (THoR) and Senate
  • Proposing the agenda of all the meetings of the student council
  • Publishing the final report to the community regarding the progress made during the tenure of the Student Council
The House of Representatives

  • Financial planning and execution of student's activity budget
  • Logistics and Security
  • Affairs related to health, women and LGBTIQA+ community
  • Oversight and review of the functioning of clubs, committees and SIGs falling under their purview
  • Any other day to day Ad-Hoc responsibility

Animesh Bordoloi
Placement Committee

Chirag Bhardwaj
Academic Council

Mayank Mishra
Infrastructure Committee

Ranga Senthil Kumaran B
Mess Committee

Sarthak Shende
Media and Industry Interaction Cell

Shrey Palande
Alumni And Allies Association

Tejas Jaju
Placement Preparation Committee

  • Ensuring its actions and the actions of the committees they represent are in the interest of the student community and compliant with the institute’s core values
  • Development, review, and revision of policies and codes of the bodies represented in the Senate
  • Reviewing the day to day activities of the student bodies represented in the Senate
  • A Senator is the Point of Contact from their respective committee to the institute
  • Solving the issues raised to the committee and keeping a check on the events conducted and the upcoming events of the committees represented in the Senate
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