Governance and Administration

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Governance and Administration

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Infrastructure Committee
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Life at a B-school necessitates maintaining facilities along with a quick response in case of any problems faced by students. In this fast-paced environment, sometimes small items can add significantly to the already existing pressure, which further decreases one's efficiency. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, InfraComm works 24*7 to serve the student community in providing a better life on campus by shortening the resolution time of problems and preemptively handling impending issues. The team acts as a liaison between the student community and the administrative bodies viz., Admin, Systems, Housing & Maintenance teams. It addresses the issues of the campus infrastructure, housing and IT. InfraComm members coordinate with the administration and project teams in reviewing and improving the existing facilities and meet with them every month to assess the developments on campus. InfraComm provides suggestions to the infrastructural changes needed for flawless functioning and in creating a conducive campus environment for the students. The committee strives to make students' stay comfortable by creating an environment to remain focused on improving their knowledge and advancing their skills. The committee collaborates with clubs and committees of the campus, helping in their smooth functioning by providing the requirements and infrastructure, assigning dedicated areas and supervising the club activities during college events. The team is involved in suggesting design changes to the areas designated for the canteens, club and committees along with the recreational spaces in the campus. InfraComm also reviews the current infrastructural needs and ensures the availability and maintenance of campus facilities for a pleasant stay of the student community.


InfraComm is involved in the activities of Administrative support, housing and maintenance, Room booking for campus activities, IT infrastructure, Hostel clusters, Campus facilities and Luggage safety.


The Admin team is responsible for the handling and procurement of new goods and services that are beneficial for a comfortable and peaceful stay of the student community. They also follow up and solve issues related to safety, construction, noise, lack of provisions and other such setbacks that may hinder student life at campus. Novel or innovative suggestions from the student bodies concerning enhancing or complementing the established physical infrastructure can be brought to the notice of this team.

Housing and Maintenance

The committee also handles the complaints received from the student community related to the hostel infrastructure and housekeeping. The members collaborate with the Sarovar team and make sure that the complaints are resolved swiftly and hence ensures that the student community enjoys a hassle-free stay in the college.

Room Booking

The committee deals with room allocations for events of clubs and committees as well as the academic-related needs of the students. Furthermore, by liaising with the Programs Office, it coordinates the event locations for the cultural, literature and management fests, the Placement Committee Events, and other talks and seminars organised by the college.

IT and Systems

The committee handles the technical and IT facilities in the community like Wi-Fi, printers, systems & laptops maintenance and emailing protocols of the campus by continually interacting with the Systems team. The team is responsible for providing fast and reliable network connectivity and dedicated printers and addressing issues of the printers and network outages.

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