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Governance and Administration

Merchandising and Retail Committee
About us

The Merchandising and Retail Committee (MERC) operates with two objectives: i) promote the IIM Udaipur brand by designing and procuring customized merchandise and, ii) cater to the various utility needs of the IIMU campus community. The committee is driven by the motto of entrepreneurship through collective participation and strives to support the activities of other clubs/committees of IIM Udaipur by catering to their merchandising requirements. MERC collaborates with local vendors to cater to the various needs of the IIMU campus community.


The merchandising arm of the committee designs and procures IIMU branded t-shirts, sweatshirts for students and their various committees throughout the year. MERC supports events like Prarambh, Solaris, Audacity, etc. for their merchandising requirements. Being a financially self-sufficient committee, it operates on the pre-order model for most of its merchandise launches wherein orders are taken from the IIMU community (including alumni), and a collated bulk order is placed with the manufacturer. The team also coordinates with apparel and fabric retailers to set up their stalls on Campus.

Stationary and Gift Items

The team is responsible for the design, procurement and distribution of IIMU branded notebooks and diaries. It also designs gifts items such as mugs and keychains for the IIMU community.


MERC also designs and publishes the Yearbook for the graduating MBA and PGPX batch every year.

Coordination with Food chains

The services arm of MERC aggregates food outlet chains of Udaipur organizing food delivery services to the campus and bringing restaurant discounts for the campus community. It also ropes in food outlets to set up stalls during events like Solaris and Audacity. Other than that, it ties up with a suiting apparel firm every year to come on campus and provide discounts to the campus community on made-to-measure suits. MERC also runs a temporary utility store for the incoming batch in their first week on campus providing essentials like stationery and consumer products along with bringing Paytm KYC service on campus.

The Merchandising and Retail Committee (MERC) takes significant initiatives to increase the visibility of the IIMU brand through merchandising and caters to the various needs of the campus community, including students, staff, and faculty.

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