Governance and Administration

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Governance and Administration


Mess committee decides menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Afterwards, it is involved in discussions on the menu with IIM Udaipur mess supervisor for finalization of the menu. Main intention of Mess committee is to provide good quality food, and no compromises are made on that part. Every month a feedback form is floated amongst the students to analyze students' demand. IIM Udaipur's mess committee face-book page is also maintained which helps students raise their concern regarding food which are resolved as soon as possible.

Food Festival:

MessComm conducts an annual food festival. The food festival spans over five days and popular regional cuisine is served on different days. Unique idea behind the food festival is that juniors are the ones who serve the seniors.

Along with regular Mess management activities, MessComm also collaborates with several other committees such as the Cultural committee to provide special food during different festivals such as Holi and Diwali. Besides, the committee even helps to organize lunch/dinners for the delegates which visit our campus. Mess committee collaborates with sports committee during cricket, football matches and provides Tea, biscuits and snacks to players on the field.