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Governance and Administration


Governance and Administration

Mess Committee
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The Mess Committee is responsible for a crucial aspect of a student's life - proper and adequate nutrition. Not only does the committee ensure that students are getting a well-balanced diet that keeps every student's body ready for utilizing its full potential, but it also tries to make the "non-study" time spent eating enjoyable. In addition to the great food that is made available, the seating arrangement of the mess is such that students feel they are a part of the family that is IIM Udaipur. The committee is responsible for helping other clubs in all food-related activities in their events. The committee also makes sure that in any instance of a student being sick, he or she gets the best possible sick-meal that helps in fast recovery. The Mess Committee is responsible for maintaining the hygiene of the dining, kitchen, and storage area.


Mess committee decides the menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Afterward, it is involved in discussions on the menu with the IIM Udaipur mess supervisor for the finalization of the menu. The main intention of the Mess Committee is to provide good quality food, and no compromises are made on that part. Every month a feedback form is floated amongst the students to analyze students' demand. An instant feedback mechanism is also maintained, which helps students raise their concerns regarding food, which are resolved as soon as possible. Meeting with the Administration team every fortnightly to discuss the various food-related issues faced by the community. Frequent audits to make sure the quality of the food is not compromised.


Every year around February, the Mess Committee organizes a food festival. The festival lasts for 4 days, and on each day, dishes that are the specialties of 4 parts of our country are prepared. The festival is an essential source of relaxation for hardworking students. Also, the Mess Committee is responsible for special preparations on festivals like Diwali and Eid, among many others. It is made sure that the food on such occasions is at a very high level so that students don't get homesick remembering the celebrations at their homes.

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