Governance and Administration

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Governance and Administration

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Mess Committee
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The Mess Committee provides the community members of the Institute with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. It caters to the needs of more than 700 people, including Students, Faculty members, and Staff throughout the year. The Committee makes sure that they are charged up and energized throughout the day by providing nutritious meals. The seating arrangement of the mess is such that it facilitates interaction among the community members of the Institute. The Committee is also responsible for helping the other clubs with all the food-related requirements for their events. The Committee also ensures that students get the best possible sick meal that allows fast recovery if a student is ill. It is responsible for maintaining the hygiene of the dining, kitchen, and storage area.


The Committee decides the menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner keeping in mind the community's demand and nutritional needs. The members discuss the menu with the Institute's mess supervisor to ensure that the community gets a balanced diet.


The Committee handles the feedback received by the student community related to the demand and quality of the food. A feedback form is floated at the end of every month to analyze the same. An instant feedback mechanism is maintained, where problems are resolved as soon as possible in collaboration with the Sarovar Team.

Quality Control

The Committee meets the Administration team every fortnightly to discuss the various food-related issues faced by the community. Frequent audits are conducted to make sure the quality of the food is not compromised.


Major Event – Food Fest

The Committee organizes a food festival around February every year. The festival lasts for four days, and on each day, speciality dishes of four regions of the country are prepared. It aims at providing the students with diverse cuisines from different areas.

Other Events – Festival Celebrations

The Committee is responsible for all the special food requirements for festivals like Diwali, Eid, and many more. As the zeal of the celebrations is high, the Committee tries to deliver happiness through food on such occasions.

Food Fest in IIMU

Food Fest in IIMU

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