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Governance and Administration


Governance and Administration

Placement Preparation Committee

The Placement Preparation Committee supports students in their preparation for placements by providing access to valuable data and resources. We collate the required information from seniors, alumni and industry experts, conduct relevant workshops and practice sessions, and provide timely feedback to help students assess themselves and bridge any gap that may exist before the actual placement process begins.

  • Planning, Scheduling & Managing training and development activities for the batch
  • Working with students to help improve soft skills and hard skills by providing regular feedback

Major Events:
  • Practice Group Discussions – 2 or 3 rounds for summers and finals
  • Practice Personal Interviews – 2 or 3 rounds for summers and finals
  • Sessions and workshops –To aid preparation on specific topics before placements
  • PreppedUp – Fortnightly quizzes on general and technical topics to enhance knowledge