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Governance and Administration


Governance and Administration

Placement Preparation Committee
About us

The Placement Preparation Committee supports students in their preparation for placements by providing them with multiple opportunities and access to valuable data and resources. In the corporate world, students need to have the skills and knowledge that help to position them for a successful career. The Committee strives to meet this need by organizing pre-placement training/workshops/seminars for students to bridge the gap between the Industry standard and current standard of students for recruitment purposes. As part of its preparation activities, the committee collates the required information from seniors, alumni, and industry experts, conduct relevant workshops and practice sessions and provides timely feedback to help students assess themselves and bridge any gap that may exist before the actual placement process begins.

Skills Development

Placement Preparation Committee is involved in the process of identifying the skill gaps of the students and helps them in developing and honing these skills. It is facilitated through the various sessions and workshops. These sessions enable students to learn all the needed skills such as communication skills, negotiation skills, etc., which help them to excel in Summers as well as Final Placements. The Placement Preparation Committee also regularly connects with industry experts to make students industry-ready. Bodhisutra is one such activity conducted throughout the year for fluency in speaking.

Summer Internship Excellence Program

The Placement Preparation Committee does not limit itself only to activities necessary for placements but also extends its support once the student gets placed for the Summer Internship. This is done by assigning Alum Mentor and External Mentors in the domain which they are placed in who provide support as and when required during the entire course of the internship.

Budvisor Program

An important duty that the Placement Preparation Committee takes on is to guide the students as to what is expected from them throughout the preparation for a summer internship as well as the importance of summer internship in the final placements. It is carried out with the help of several PGP2 students who take the role of Budvisors and mentor the PGP1 students for Summer Placements with their continuous support, guidance, and timely feedback. Another purpose of this program is to increase interaction between the two batches, which would be beneficial for them in the long run too.

Information Maintenance

Placement Preparation Committee also contributes to the maintenance and usage of repositories that have relevant information about the companies that visit the campus for placements, previously asked interview questions, and other preparation materials.


The committee organizes many general as well as domain-specific workshops for students to get acclimatized to the different career options and acquire the needed skills that help to position them for a successful career and be industry-ready. Below are some of the workshops which were conducted:

  • Career Options Workshop
  • Business Modelling Workshop
  • Problem Solving Workshop
  • Project Management Workshop
  • Consulting Workshops

Practice Personal Interviews

Practice Personal Interviews give the students the platform to prepare, practice, and experience first-hand how a real-life job interview feels. The initiative aims to familiarize them with the interview environment beforehand in a relaxed and stress-free manner, which is crucial for students to get over their anxieties and shortcomings before attending the actual job interview. Two or Three rounds of mock interviews are conducted every year for the students before their final as well as summer placements.

Practice Group Discussions

Practice Group Discussions aims to prepare and provide the actual simulation of group discussion to students before the placement season. Two or Three rounds of mock group discussions are conducted every year with the help of external agencies on various topics ranging from technical to abstract with the in-depth explanation of all the Dos and Don’ts for the students prior to their final as well as summer placements.

CV Workshops

CV Workshops help students to learn and understand what makes a good CV and its importance in the job application process. The initiative is to enable them to get to know the work-relevant skills and qualities they possess and how they can showcase their skill set, knowledge, and relevant experience to match the job profiles offered by the companies visiting the campus during final and summer placements.

Company-Specific Preparation Workshops

Company-SpecificPreparation Workshops are organized on a case to case basis of the placement drive for both summer and final placements in order to enhance the short term preparation of the students for an upcoming company. Industry experts or alumni from that particular company are invited to conduct an interactive session with the students, wherein they share their experiences, preparation tips, and clear the doubts of the students.

Domain Workshops

Domain-specific workshops are initiated to prepare students for the technical interviews as per the roles that are chosen by them. They are conducted every year in collaboration with respective functional clubs and alumni to provide competence to students in their field of interest.

Excel & PPT Workshops

Excel and PPT Workshops are conducted before the summer internship to help the students present themselves in a better way, which ultimately increases the chances of them receiving a PPO.