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Social and Recreational

Code Red
About Us

CodeRED, The social Club of IIM Udaipur aims to make life at campus more vibrant, engaging and entertaining. The word ‘CodeRED’ means a serious situation deteriorated so drastically to declare it as an emergency. That’s where we step in and act as an escape for all the students, from the burden of assignments, quizzes, projects and assignments. The social club splendidly rejuvenates the heart and mind of the people, acts as an adrenaline junkie for motivating the crowd and getting them prepared for another set of hectic timetables. As master Oogway once said to Po,

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it's called the present."

We believe that even if we are busy watching out for things ahead of us, we should take a moment to enjoy where we are, live our life to fullest and never stop having fun. We make sure that you enjoy your life at IIM Udaipur, create memories and cherish them for long.

Event Management

CodeRED is responsible for managing various events in IIM Udaipur which includes social gatherings and celebrations. The planning, direction, coordination and logistical requirements are all taken care of by the CodeRED team. CodeRED also works in collaboration with other Clubs and Committees of IIM Udaipur.

Monthly Birthday Celebrations

IIM Udaipur community gathers to wish and celebrate the birthdays of people who had their birthdays in the month. Teachers, students and staff, all come together on this day to give their wishes to the birthday persons and share their ecstasy. The community gathers which is followed by cake cutting and photo sessions and everyone enjoying together.


The welcome event for the enthusiastic, energetic new batch with having high hopes and dreams where we heartily make you a part of IIM U community, a name you will carry for the rest of your life.

Teacher's Day

To the teachers, for the teachers by the students. This day we appreciate the efforts of our faculty for nurturing, inspiring and guiding us constantly without having any second thoughts. CodeRED organizes a candid gathering where students and faculty interact with each other. Faculty gets involved with the students in the fun activities and games after a small performance by the students for them. A small token of appreciation is offered to faculty members by the students which is followed by photo sessions.


It's the time of year when it’s all about getting together with friends and family, the sound of jingle bells and the rhythm of Christmas carols. The community comes together to celebrate the festival away from their homes with their IIM U family. Preparations begin on Christmas eve where students indulge in decorating the Christmas tree and get ready for the celebration at midnight. CodeRED also organizes Secret Santa where students give each other gifts secretly with the help of the CodeRED team. The night ends with merriment and a feeling of ecstasy with students dancing and enjoying together.


Lohri is celebrated in the month of January to mark the end of peak winter. CodeRED organizes bonfire on this occasion where the community gathers to celebrate the festival together with great enthusiasm. People dance around the bonfire, sing songs, share stories and enjoy traditional snacks such as gajak, revadi and namkeen. The music fills the atmosphere and people enjoy the social gathering with ecstasy.

Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan

Makar Sankranti is organized to observe the day which marks the shift of sun to north resulting in long days. Kite Flying is the center of attraction on this day at the IIM Udaipur campus where the community gathers to test their kite flying skills against each other.


CodeRED organizes movie screenings on demand by the students.


The sendoff for the senior batch is organized by CodeRED to give them best wishes for their future endeavors and bid them goodbye until we meet next time. The celebration includes inaugural performances by students followed by a dinner party. Senior batch also indulges in fun activities, sharing memories and dancing like there is no tomorrow. The celebration concludes with creating memories, photos and gift distribution.