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CreArt is a Special Interest Group collecting people with a passion for art and craft, with a focus on flourishing and continuing the culture of Art, Craft and Design in IIM Udaipur. We encourage students to have some fun and pursue art & craft hobbies. We support other clubs & committees like in their flagship events, helping them with their different requirements. We strive to showcase our creativity to the community at large and at the same time, bring out the creativity in each student at the college.

Throughout the year, we engage in different events. Our flagship event is KalaKriti, the art exhibition, which happens every year where we showcase the artwork of the students as well as artists from outside. We also partner with premier events of IIM Udaipur like Solaris, Audacity and events of other clubs and committees on creating the ambience of the event and planning and executing ideas on other creative fronts.

Activities and Events
Kalakriti: Flagship Event

Our flagship event is the art exhibition 'Kalakriti', conducted twice a year, once during Solaris and again during Audacity. Kalakriti serves as a platform for the artists in IIMU to showcase their artwork. We also collaborate with local artists in Udaipur and display some of their artwork as part of the exhibition to enable them to get recognition and encouragement.





CreArt team spearheaded the ambience of the annual management fest of the college, Solaris. The team took an active part, while involving other students, in the ideation and designing of various decorative props and items that were put up for the pre-event and main events of Solaris. The team took the lead in all activities and involved many students in collaborating and contributing to creating a complementing ambience for the event. The team created photo booths, decorations, schedule board, interactive classroom posters and Solaris banner amongst other items to make the event more engaging and attractive.



We help deck up the campus to reflect the theme of Audacity each year with an 8ftx12ft graffiti that is ideated and created under CreArt in collaboration with the batch to bring in the spirit of the Cultural Festival of College. The whole process of creating graffiti is a fun field event that involves the entire batch who contributes towards the completion of graffiti.

CreArt organises a variety of art competitions during the annual cultural fest- Audacity. In Audacity ’22, live sketching, Digi art, cloth art, arrange it up are the competitions that were conducted online which saw registrations from over 50+ students from various colleges across India. Stone painting, soap carving, U graffiti, and origami are fun events that were conducted offline where people expressed their creativity.


Teacher’s Day

CreArt created a photo-booth and a message board to bring out the spirit of Teacher's day. This photo-booth helped both the staff and students revive their childhood memories and the message board allowed the staff to share their experiences of teaching at IIMU.



The Raksha Photobooth

CreArt collaborated with Samman - the Gender Equality Committee of IIM Udaipur in their first event, to help them on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to organize “The Raksha Photobooth “with the motive of “Let’s take a pledge to respect and protect each other as the first step towards equality.” We made the photo booth, providing a platform for people to step up to #Pledge for Samman (respect) and be a Rakshak (protector) against sexual harassment. The event received overwhelming response response from the IIM U community, with everyone turning up to pledge to respect and protect each other.


SCO Wars

IIM Udaipur has 32 SCO and SCO wars is a fun competition among all the clubs, committees and special interest groups of IIM Udaipur. CreArt collaborated with Utkrisht - The annual sports festival of the IIM Udaipur team to make this event blingy and beautiful. CreArt Team spearheaded the ambience for this event. We made the "Utkrisht SCO Wars" banner to attract the audience for better visibility and we took care of the ambience in the event. We also face tattooed different teams with customized designs/logos that best represents their club/committee. This helped in better recognition of the team members and also created a sense of belongingness among the students.


Diwali Celebration

To celebrate Diwali every year, CreArt organizes fun events for the whole community. This time amidst the pandemic, the Diwali Dhamaka event was conducted online by CreArt to bring together students who were both off-campus and on-campus together in the spirit of the festival. Students were asked to submit their creative interpretation of the festival, and submissions included photos and videos of rangolis, paintings, decorations, and many more. Winners were decided based on the level of creativity and uniqueness of their submissions and were awarded exciting cash prizes.



Halloween, less commonly known as All Saints Day and All Hallows’Eve, is celebrated in many countries in remembrance of the dead. The Halloween celebrations in IIM Udaipur took place on 4th November at the GBH area, Academic block. It was organized by Potpurri in collaboration with CreArt. The events for the night included the escape rooms, face painting competition, and photo booth. The CreArt team was responsible for the spooky decoration of the two escape rooms where we also helped the team with hiding the clues. We asssited the registered participants for the face painting event and face painting the non-registered participants. A Halloween photo booth has been set up where the students can click their pictures and create memories. An online event was organized where students posted their spooky pictures on Instagram, tagging CreArt and Potpurri with the hashtag, #SpookyLitArtNight.


Art Connecting ‘U’

CreArt is back with its second edition of the digital magazine "Art Connecting 'U'." This magazine is for the whole IIMU community. It consists of four sections: Art for Everyone, CreArt For 'U' Kalapradarshan (with contributions from the faculty, RAs, TAs, staff, and students), and Member's Cut. The first section, Art for Everyone, is an initiative by the members of CreArt, to make the whole community aware of how art changes live in various nations and what are the next big things in art. The second section, CreArt for 'U,' highlights the work CreArt has done for the community throughout the year. In the third section, Kala Pradarshan showcases the creative works sent by the IIM U community. The fourth section, Member's Cut, displays the artwork of Member of CreArt. The entire IIMU community gave the magazine a positive response.


The magazine can be accessed by clicking here: Art Connecting 'U'

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