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Social and Recreational

Culcomm The Cultural Committee of IIMU

The Cultural Committee of the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur strives to celebrate the cultural diversity on campus by celebrating various cultural festivals and events. The committee ensures that the students have a home-away-from-home experience at IIM Udaipur. The committee provides enough opportunities for the students to relax and enjoy campus life amidst rigorous academics. In short, we fill colours in the student life at IIM Udaipur.

The members of the IIMU community come from diverse backgrounds, and celebrating our differences and similarities helps us unite and learn from each other. Cultural sensitivity is vital in today's business world, and the cultural committee strives to ensure the same on campus. The committee also seeks to provide platforms for students to showcase their talents and creativity by collaborating with other clubs like FootWorx, Octaves, CreArt, and Live Puppets and organizing various events throughout the year.


Audacity, the annual cultural fest of IIMU is a 3 day extravaganza, beginning with an inaugural ceremony on the first day followed by 2 days full of music, dance, drama, thrill and events that you never imagined. All this is set around a central theme. IIMU's cultural fest is taken a notch higher every year with new events to look forward to which may range anywhere from all-night gaming to a treasure hunt all around the city. Some of the best parts of Audacity are performances by stars on the Insomnia Night and the Pro Night which is anticipated by the whole city throughout the year.

Audacity'20 was set around the theme "Escape Reality" with performances by Rahul Subramanian, DJ Rahill and Guru Randhawa. There were events like Fashion Revival, War of Bands, Uttarang, Live sketching and something or the other to fulfill every visitor's desires. The Audacity Team lives its motto "Be Bold Be Audacious" to the fullest.


Rangat - The Dandiya night at IIMU is a part of the Navratri celebrations where students dress up in colourful Kediyu and Chaniya Choli to play Garba in synchronization with divine energy. Durga Puja celebrated on the same day is also a splendid celebration at IIMU. The deity of goddess Durga is ceremoniously worshiped. Students revere, pray and pay homage to the goddess. This celebration coincides with the Dussehra celebration. On this occasion of victory of good over evil, students come together to decorate the Durga Pandal and dance and sing joyously in the carnival.

Rangat 2020

Unprecedented times made celebrating Navratri a challenge, but it didn't stop us from celebrating Rangat virtually, with the same zeal and ecstasy. Despite being apart, students were encouraged to showcase their creativity and share glimpses from their Navratri celebrations in unique ways via an Instagram competition. Winners were selected and awarded cash prizes from among the many participants.


The Indian festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated with extraordinary enthusiasm and exceptional joy at IIMU. The venue is decorated with a beautiful canopy of shimmering lights, lanterns, rangolis, diyas, and tender smiles on everyone’s face. The hostels are also embellished with colorful dangling lights. It is a soothing yet enthralling sight to see the lights from diyas all around. The evening starts with a traditional Diwali pooja, followed by lighting sky lanterns, which is truly a sight to behold. Faculty, along with the entire IIM Udaipur community, adorns the celebration with their performances. This year despite the unprecedented times, the evening was graciously celebrated with adequate social distancing and the mandated Covid guidelines. The night ended with a delicious traditional dinner for the community.


Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions. Thus, a virtual game night - “Bamboozled” was organized to increase engagement among the students. It provided them with a platform to interact and enjoy during their busy schedules. The students were divided into random teams where different games like Dumb charades, Pictionary, Lip-Sync were played. It was really enthralling to see the rooms filled with candid talks and endless laughter. Winning teams were also awarded cash prizes.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Puja is celebrated on campus with high energy and galore. The Lord Ganesha idol is welcomed into the campus with aarti and pooja early morning. Lord Ganesha stays in the campus for three days, and each day pooja is performed in the morning as well as evening. The Ganesha idol is immersed on the last day with a grand procession and gulaal celebrations.


The colours of life came back to full sparkle once again at IIMU when the Holi celebrations reached full fervour in the campus. The festival is celebrated with everyone’s enthusiasm, sweets, lots of gulaal and dancing. The festival is a true testimony to the fact that togetherness lifts the mood of celebrations to a different level. All batches of PGP and PGPX unite and play Holi. Later they join for a delicious lunch with thandai and sweets prepared by the Mess staff for the occasion.


One of the most celebrated festivals, Janamstami is celebrated with fun, dance, music, lights, sweets and of course dahi handi! After the aarti us done by the IIM Udaipur community, the people are high on the enthusiasm to break the matki. Students in grand numbers in form of teams come out to challenge each other on who is going to break the matki and get the dahi handi first!! Students even set their feet on the stage to dance to the crazy tunes of music. With fun and laughter, this is the first festival that is experienced by the students after they enter IIM Udaipur's campus


Pongal, the harvest festival from the south, is celebrated in the campus with a lot of enthusiasm. Starting from 6 o’ clock in the morning, students start gathering together dressed traditionally to make the sweet dish of Pongal and kick start the celebration. It is followed by making a beautiful Rangoli of flowers. The celebration continues with a traditional lunch and some dancing on the folk tunes from the south! Students who are new to the tradition are introduced to this celebration and they participate with equal zeal. At the end, pictures are clicked and memories are made at IIM Udaipur campus !!


"Before becoming a Sikh, a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian, let's become a Human first."

On the auspicious occasion of the 550th Birth Anniversary of Baba Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the entire IIM Udaipur community prays and wishes that the entire mankind is constantly blessed by the words and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji for eternities to come. Gurupurab—the birth anniversary of 1st Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is celebrated at IM Udaipur with religious fervor and gaiety. Students come forward with great enthusiasm and zeal to light diyas in the campus to celebrate his birthday. This celebration filled the whole atmosphere with peace and tranquility.


The celebrations for this festival of togetherness include the traditional flower carpet, Tug of War, Matki Phod and several other games are followed by a delicious dinner in the mess.