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About Us

IRIS, the photography club of IIM Udaipur was formed on 25th February 2013 by a bunch of photography lovers in the institute. With the name "Iris", derived from the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, IRIS aims at capturing all the colours and vibrant facets of life at IIM Udaipur through photographs and videos. The club also manages the media coverage of all events conducted by and within IIM Udaipur by collaborating with other clubs and committees in the institute. The pictures are then released to the IIMU community and media houses as and when required for the press releases. Be it corporate summits at the institute, the lush green foliage of the campus or the aesthetic aspects of Udaipur's heritage nothing escapes the IRIS eye.


At IRIS, members are recruited for their passion for photography, love for adventure and commitment to the community. Within the club, workshops are organised to improve the photography skills of members as well as generate interest in photography for others. There are activities and outings planned by IRIS for students outside the campus to help them take a break from the monotonous routine. The club also organises online and offline photography competitions; and a photography exhibition as a part of Audacity - The Cultural Fest of IIM Udaipur and also during the Literary Fest of IIM Udaipur.


We make priceless memories every day on campus. IRIS helps eternally capture those beautiful memories in the form of photographs and videos, which also help forward those moments to the batches to come. It will be true to say that IRIS captures the various emotions of IIMU in a fraction of a second for the world to see and remember.





IRIS conducted 5 events and 1 photo exhibition during 2020-21, some of which were standalone and some were in Audacity’21.

By my Lens

The participants are required to submit two photographs related to the topic of "COVID Freedom”. The event saw a participation of 42 people from 25+ organisations.


On the spot

Abstract Photography was the topic for On the Spot Photography, where the participants were required to send their original work at the time of submission. Participants were instructed to ensure that their submissions were not controversial, offensive, or disrespectful towards any religion, caste, community, or gender.

We had a total of 20 submissions, out of which the top 2 were declared winners on our Instagram page. We gave 40% weightage to the likes on Instagram and 60% to the scores of external judges (IRIS Members).


Tell a Tale

A picture is worth a thousand words. The event “Tell a Tale” was particularly focused on this sentence where artists were given a chance to showcase their creativity in Photography and Writing.

Motorcyclist for Life

The participants are supposed to shoot a video of themselves on Royal Enfield Motorcycles showing their unique stories and submit them online.


Audacity Vibe

Audacity Vibe was organised where participants were to look around and notice the English alphabet being formed naturally in their surroundings and make the word A-U-D-A-C-I-T-Y by clicking the images of these 8 letters of the word. From the initial entries, the top 5 entries were selected by the judges from team IRIS which were uploaded on IRIS’s Instagram page. The final winner and runner-up were selected based on the likes and comments on their respective photographs.



Photo Exhibition

Photo Gallery, a fundraising exhibition celebrated with the whole community, where their best clicks were printed and showcased by us. The raised money was then donated to the cause of “Pragyanjali”. The event saw more than 200 submissions from which 125 photos were selected to put up for the exhibitions and more than 50 photos were sold by us in just 2 days. We plan to continue this event next year on a more grandeur scale.