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Social and Recreational


IRIS the photography club of IIM Udaipur was formed on 25th February 2013 by a bunch of photography lovers in the institute. With the name "Iris", derived from the Greek Goddess of Rainbow, IRIS aims at capturing all the colors and facets of life at IIM Udaipur. The club responsible manages the media database of all the events happening under the name of IIM Udaipur. This is done by collaborating with other clubs and committees when any event is planned in the institute. The pictures are then released to various clubs/committees as and when required for the press releases.

The club captures the vibrancy of life at IIM Udaipur through photographs and videos. Be it the high profile summit at the institute or the beauty of Udaipur nothing escapes the IRIS eyes .The members of the club are recruited for their passion for photography and love for adventure. Inside the club workshops are held for its members to improve their photography skills and add new dimensions to it. There are other activities and outings planned by Iris, outside the campus, for the students, to help them take a break from the monotonous routine. The club also organizes online and offline photography competitions; and a photography exhibition as a part of Audacity - The Cultural Fest of IIM Udaipur.

Just like people archives memories in their mind, IRIS archives memories in photographs for the memories to stay with the students and the institute forever and also to pass those moments to the batches to come at IIM Udaipur. It will be true to say that IRIS captures various emotions at the campus in a fraction of a second for the world to see and the world to remember.







The First Photography Exhibition - 'Khushnuma', as a part of Audacity - The Cultural Fest 2017 was organized by the club which saw more than 130 submissions by participants from all over Rajasthan. The best 44 photographs were displayed during the exhibition.