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Public Policy Group
About Us

Public Policy Group is one of the newest SIGs on campus dedicated towards exploring the links between management and public policy. The vision of our SIG is to explore the field of public policy and contribute to the regional development by actively participating in various policy initiatives undertaken by the government and various non-governmental actors. We aim to generate awareness among the student community by providing a platform to discuss and analyze public policies. By doing so the students will learn the nuances of Policy drafting, analysis, and implementation through regular interaction with policymakers, implementers, and public leaders and intellectuals.

The SIG is currently being mentored by Dr. Saurabh Gupta, Center for Development Policy and Management, IIM Udaipur; Dr. Ajit Kanitkar and Ms. Jayapadma RV from Vikasanvesh Foundation, an initiative by Tata Trusts.

Policy Discussions Forum

Niti Charcha is a student-driven initiative which is organized by Public Policy Group. The event aims to provide a platform for discussions on Policy Issues of contextual relevance. The event is the most awaited event of the SIG wherein members of the community are encouraged to come together to discuss upon the burning issues of current importance.

Expert Talk

The SIG organizes expert talk and interactive discussions wherein we invite, listen to, and learn from the experiences of veterans in the different field of Public Policy.


The group plans to actively work on live projects with various stakeholders related to Policy formulation, execution, and evaluation like Governments, Local Bodies, Think Tanks, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, Bilateral and multilateral International Development Agencies, Academicians and Policy experts.


Niti Charcha 2.0

The second edition of Niti Chachra 2.0 was conducted to create a platform for the community to engage in a healthy discussion about the Citizenship Amendment Act, recently passed by the Parliament. The meeting was attended by about 70 participants. The participants discussed about various aspects of the bill and its implications. The bill was looked from various perspectives by different participants, leading to a fruitful, well-rounded discussion on the issue.

Niti Charcha 1.0

The first edition of Niti Charcha was based on recently released Draft version of The National Education Policy 2019. The event saw active participation of 2nd year MBA students. An hour-long discussion was held on a few select topics from the Policy document. The points, suggestions and recommendations that came up during the discussion were shared with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.

Expert Talk

As part of Expert Talk series, the Group organized a couple of guest lectures with visiting faculty members of the college. The lectures and talks revolved around topics of public policy across wide spectrum. The first of the guest talk was with Prof Ajit Kanitkar, visiting faculty of IIM Udaipur, revolved around agriculture, farming enterprises and its future in Indian context. The second guest talk was with Dr. Sanjay Kumar, India Country Director for the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, which focused on situation of education in India and the role that can be played by the civil society.

GK WrapUp

G.K. WrapUp is an event conducted to keep the student community abreast with current affairs as is expected from managers. The event is a session on disseminating information on the important policy issues of the past 6 months. It helps the students in their preparation for Group discussions and interviews in placement processes. It is followed by circulation to the community of the decks for quick reference and recall. As part of the event, we have enlightened the student community on topics like the Telecom crisis, Motor Vehicles Act, amendments in CSR policy, Aadhar-Social Media linkage, ban on single usage plastics, the NBFC crisis, and the Indian economic slowdown, among others.

We compile important topics periodically and prepare a comprehensive document to keep the student community aware of the latest developments worldwide. We have covered a wide range of topics from national issues such as the Farm Bill, National Education Policy, GST compensation debate to international topics like War in Central Asia & Peace Deal by Israel, highlighting both sides of the coin.

Internal Discussion

Internal discussion is the weekly discussion in which the Public Policy Group's entire team meets and discusses the recent public policy topics. This is aimed to bring diverse perspectives regarding the same, which forms a base for social media posts. This allows group members to remain aware of developments taking place around the world and understand their implications to various stakeholders of the society.

Debate Competition

As part of the Pre-Event of Solaris, IIM Udaipur’s annual management Fest, the Public Policy Group conducted a debate competition for students from schools in Udaipur. The topic of the debate was Between Development and Environment, and Development should be given higher priority. There were students debating for and against the topic. The event saw active participation from school students from classes 9 to 12 from different schools, with multiple perspectives on the issue.


Manthan is an interactive event which is organized by Public Policy Group in collaboration with Prayatna. The event brings together the students such as Summer School students, who have prior experience in the field of public policy and development sector in India and abroad. The students share their experiences with the community regarding the opportunities and challenges presented when working in their respective domains.

Rural Immersion Digitization Project

For Rural Immersion 2020, Public Policy Group took an initiative to digitize the data collection process (it was completely paper based earlier). Accordingly, as a pilot project, the data collection pertaining to the theme of Menstrual Hygiene Measurement was done digitally, conducted by entire girls of 2019-21 batch, using ODK software and Kobo Toolbox.

Digitization of Ward Level Map of Udaipur City for Data Visualization

In this project, we create a ward level GIS map of Udaipur City which can be used to create interactive web based interactive visualizations for any Ward level variable for the City. The maps were created using open source GIS tools.

We further created a village level GIS map of Udaipur District using Data available in the public domain.