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About the club – Vykings – The Competition Club of IIM Udaipur

Vykings is a newly formed Special Interest Group (SIG) at IIM Udaipur, founded with a mission to provide a framework to share knowledge and experiences across the student community regarding the case competitions organized by companies and colleges alike. The club tries to prepare the students for various national-level competitions. The club connects previous winners/qualifiers of case competitions with the budding students of the current batches.


To guide and support the students in developing critical thinking and professional mindset, the two indispensable skills required to be a modern-day manager.

About the Logo

We at Vykings see every competition as a war and an opportunity to seize victory. Taking inspiration from the glorious warriors Vikings, we formed the SIG Vykings and decided our logo to be the helmet those warriors wore to war.


As a mission to encourage and promote the competition culture at IIM Udaipur, the club has provided basic competition templates and taken the following initiatives to support and guide the students at various levels in the competitions.

Expert Echoes

The club has launched Expert Echoes, a series of episodes that allows the students to interact with last year's winners, finalists, and semi-finalists of various competitions.

The first episode was organized to give the student community an opportunity to interact with the past finalists of the Tata Imagination Challenge. The online event was conducted on Zoom and was attended by our esteemed alumni Arpit Gupta and Sumit Singh of the MBA 2020-22 batch. They provided guidance and tips to the students regarding the Tata Imagination Challenge 2022.


The club floats CompSlate, an initiative by the club to send out regular consolidated updates about live case competitions. This ensures that the community can access the major information about the competitions in one place.


The club has formed a WhatsApp group with the community called CompDates, to ease communication and connect with all interested candidates to provide updates related to competitions on a regular basis.

Faculty Connect

The club connects the students with the faculty of the concerned subject/area so that they can better understand what deliverables are expected of them. This helps the students better connect their classroom learnings with the practicalities of the real world.

Two-year MBA (2021-23)

Vykings Member Two-year MBA (2021-23)

Two-year MBA (2022-24)

Vykings Member Two-year MBA (2022-24)

One Year MBA- GSCM (2022-23)


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