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Jobs at IIMU


Jobs at IIMU

Required - Research Assistant in Marketing Department – Quantitative

IIMU is a research-intensive institution. You may attend regular workshops by both resident as well as visiting faculty members where research papers are presented and discussed. You can also attend PhD level coursework offered in the institute. Salaries are competitive with similar positions in India. The faculty you work with will be willing to provide recommendation letters as well as provide you guidance on the application process to top PhD programs. They will also encourage you to initiate your own research.

IIMU’s RAs in the marketing area have received offers from world class PhD programs including Texas A&M University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Houston, University of Memphis, Kansas State, among others.


You should consider yourself a good fit for this position if you are seriously considering pursuing a PhD, and want to get some experience to see if a research career is meant for you. You will assist faculty in projects on marketing, as well as in projects that cut across marketing and strategy, and marketing and finance. The skills you develop will help you in applying to top ranked doctoral programs in Marketing.


This is a research position in an academic setting. You will assist with:

  • Data collection, database creation and data analysis - primarily working on secondary data but can extend to experiments as well. The faculty will help you train on methods necessary to do your job.
  • Literature search, summary, presentation and writing
  • Other research related work

Bachelor’s degree in quantitative disciplines (such as Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Psychology or Mathematics) from any of the top-tier colleges in the country is preferred. Highly motivated candidates with an undergrad from other disciplines can also apply if they are comfortable with Maths.

  • An open mind to learning new concepts, creativity and hard work
  • Good understanding of Economics/ Psychology/ Statistics is a plus.
  • Statistical programming skills/ coding skills in Stata, R, SPSS, SAS, Python, C++, Qualtrics (any/ many)
  • Good English writing skills is a plus
  • MBA from a top institute is a plus
  • The candidate must have high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and absolute commitment to task completion.

The position is contractual for 11 months and will be renewed for a further period of 11 months, enabling the candidate to build up their profile for PhD applications. Candidates are expected to move on into a PhD at the end of two years.

Interested candidates can apply online before 5pm of 29th February 2020. Please upload latest CV. Please also upload a statement of purpose not exceeding 1 page in length on your motivation for taking up the RA position. Please cover the following points in your statement of purpose-

  • Why you are motivated to take up the RA role
  • What your career plans are
  • How the RA role fit into your career plans
  • Why you think you will be a good RA

We will contact you in case we decide to interview you. In case you do not hear from us by the 10th of March 2020, you have not been shortlisted for this position.

Location: Udaipur

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