MBA Admission Policy

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MBA Admission Policy

You can read below the approach of IIM Udaipur to prepare the admission list for its 14th MBA Batch (2024-26). The batch size is likely to be around 368. IIM Udaipur reserves the right to modify any part of this policy including the MBA selection criteria for the Institute and cut-offs mentioned at any time till the actual MBA admission procedure for the batch is completed.

The MBA admission process for the Institute consists of:

  • CAT Examination
  • Short listing candidates for Personal Interview (PI) process
  • Personal Interview (PI) process: Personal Interview (PI) would be conducted through online mode. The PI process will be common to IIMs which are participating in the Common Admission Process (CAP). The exact date for PI will be communicated by the IIM Kashipur, coordinating Institute for CAP 2024. (There will be no Written Ability Test (WAT)
  • Preparing the Merit List based on CAT score, PI score and Profile score as indicated in following tables
1. Selection Criteria for Short listing to PI process:

The cut-off percentile marks for eligibility to PI process in the three sections and the total CAT percentile for different categories of students are given below:

CategoryVerbal and Reading Comprehension
Data interpretation and Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude


IIM Udaipur’s Admission Committee will decide the MBA program requirements for the Institute and the final number of candidates who would be called for the PI process on the basis of criteria prepared for each category. However, if the actual number of short-listed candidates is found to be less (or more) than the required number of candidates to be called for PI category-wise, then the overall as well as section-wise minimum score, would be reduced (or increased) to get the desired number of candidates.

The IIMs who are participating in the CAP have decided to adopt a common admission process (CAP 2024 process) of PI to be coordinated this year by IIM Kashipur. The scores obtained by the candidate in PI of CAP 2024 would be considered for preparing the merit list.

2. Selection Criteria for Preparing the Merit List:

The criteria for preparing the merit list will be as follows:

  • CAT Score*: 60%
  • Personal Interview (PI): 15%
  • Profile: 25%

*CAT Score of the candidate divided by maximum CAT Score among candidates who have applied to IIMU and attended PI. It is clarified that the CAT Score would be used and not the CAT Percentile.

a. CAT Score: IIM Udaipur will use CAT 2023 scores

b. Personal Appearance: MBA admission criteria of the Institute will consider the following weights:

  • Personal Interview (PI): 15%
    Candidates who do not obtain certain minimum scores in the PI will not be considered for the merit list. The minimum scores will be decided by IIM Udaipur at its discretion.

c. Profile: The following will be the breakup of the 25% component for Profile:

  • Academic Profile: 9%
  • Work experience: 10%
  • Diversity: 6%
    i. For Academic Profile, following will be the weightage:
  • 10th Standard: 2%
  • 12th Standard: 2%
  • Under Graduation: 4%
  • CA/CS/ICWA (completed): 1%

The following would be the basis for scoring candidates in respect of their academic profiles with or up to under graduation:

Range Of MarksXXIIUnder Graduation
<= 600.20.20.4
60.01 to 640.40.40.8
64.01 to 680.60.61.2
68.01 to 720.80.81.6
72.01 to 761.01.02.0
76.01 to 801.21.22.4
80.01 to 841.41.42.8
84.01 to 881.61.63.2
88.01 to 921.81.83.6
92.01 >=

The following would be the basis for scoring candidates in respect of their academic profiles with professional qualification candidates and without bachelor’s degree:

Range of MarksPoints
50.01 - 520.4
52.01 - 540.8
54.01 - 561.2
56.01 - 581.6
58.01 - 602
60.01 - 622.4
62.01 - 642.8
64.01 - 663.2
66.01 - 683.6
68.01 >=4

ii. For Work Experience following will be the basis for scoring candidates:

Range of MonthsPoints
1 to 60
7 to 121.5
> 600

*Only fulltime remunerative work experience after graduation and completed months till 31st January 2024 will be considered subject to the aspirant updating the latest details in the CAP-2024 application process.

A valid proof with date of appointment, date of relieving and work experience certificate will be mandatory at the time of registration for the program.

Part time/project/internship/articleship/pre-graduation work experience etc., will not be counted as work experience.

iii. Diversity:

Female or Transgender5

The following academic disciplines are eligible for diversity score:

Degree Title as per CAP-2024Academic Diversity points

Final discretion on classifying an academic discipline to be eligible for academic diversity score will rest with the Admission Committee of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur.

3. Reservations:

IIM Udaipur follows reservation policy as per Government of India norms and as notified in CAT 2023 advertisement Eligibility and Information Bulletin. Reservations non-notified in CAT 2023 are non-implementable.

Category% Reservation
Schedule Caste15%
Schedule Tribe7.5%
OBC - Non-Creamy Layer27%
Economically Weaker Section (EWS)10%
4. Offer Acceptance Fee and Withdrawal:

A candidate receiving an admission offer from IIM Udaipur and accepting the offer within the stipulated date needs to send along with Offer Acceptance, an Offer Acceptance amount of Rs.1,00,000/-. If a candidate subsequently wishes to withdraw the offer within the withdrawal date specified by the Institute, the Offer Acceptance Amount will be refunded after deducting Rs. 1,000 as processing fee as per the Notification No.14-4/2007-U.3(A) from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of India forwarded vide letter dated F. No.21-166/2007-TS.II dated 18.05.2007. If a candidate applies for withdrawal after the date specified by the Institute, no refund will be admissible. If a candidate registers for the program, his/her Offer Acceptance Amount will be adjusted against Term I Fee. In the event of withdrawal from the Program after registration, NO refund of Offer Acceptance Amount & Term Fee will be made.

Any dispute concerning admissions to the MBA Batch 2024-26 would be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan only.

Important Notes:

  • For a candidate who has completed CA/ICWA/CS without having a bachelor’s degree, the average of the percentage marks obtained in the Inter and Final examination in CA/ICWA/CS will be considered as the bachelor’s degree marks percentage. In cases where Inter marks are not mentioned or not available, the Final marks will be considered.
  • For candidates yet to complete the Bachelor’s degree, after 12th/HSC, the percentage of marks obtained for the years/semester completed, as entered in the online CAT application form, will be projected to obtain the percentage in bachelor’s degree.
  • For candidates having completed an integrated Master’s degree or Dual degree after 12th/HSC, the percentage of marks obtained, as per your University/Institute norms, will be considered as equivalent to marks in Bachelor’s degree. For those undergoing (yet to complete) an integrated Master’s degree or Dual degree, after 12th/HSC, the percentage of marks obtained for the years/semester completed as entered in the online CAT application form will be used as percentage marks in bachelor degree.
  • If only the CGPA is available in place of graduation percentage, it will be converted into equivalent percentage as per the conversion formula/norms provided by the board/university/institution. In case a conversion formula is not provided by the university/ institution, the obtained CGPA computed as the percent of maximum cumulative grade points shall be considered the aggregate percentage.
  • If any board/institute/university awards only letter grades without providing an equivalent percentage of marks on the grade sheet, the candidate should obtain a certificate from the board/institute/university specifying the equivalent marks which should be used. The original equivalence certificate needs to be submitted at the time of interview if shortlisted for the same.
  • The percentage of marks obtained in Class X and Class XII would be the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the marks sheet or grade sheet, irrespective of whether the Board considers them for calculation of percentage.
  • Completed months will be calculated from start date to end date of one or multiple tenures of work-experience with one or multiple organizations served after achieving the minimum education qualification as specified in the relevant CAT notification. Such completed months as specified above will be attained by dividing by 30 the total number of days as part of work-experience and the quotient without considering decimals will be used for assigning points for this criterion.
  • Mandatory list of documents required to claim work experience in the case of self-employment/partnership experience/self-owned start-up:
    • Registered partnership deed of the firm
    • Filing with Registrar of Companies (RoC)
    • GST registration of firm
    • PAN Card of the firm
    • Income Tax Returns (ITR)
    • Bank account statement of the firm
    • Statutory Auditor Appointment of the firm
    • Purchase/work orders for the duration of claim of the firm/company’s operations and
    • MSME certificate (if applicable)
    • DIPP Certificate of Recognition (if applicable)
      These documents should explicitly mention the name of the firm, registration number and the candidate as a promoter/director
  • Any misrepresentation or suppression of information by a candidate at any stage during the admissions process or at any later date, will lead to immediate disqualification of the candidate from the MBA program of IIM Udaipur and the onus of the responsibility and its consequences of misrepresentation or suppression of information lies on the candidate.
  • All the aspirants should check their emails and the IIMU website regularly for updates on admission related communication & activities.