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MBA Courses

Trained managers need to acquire a range of crucial skills to succeed professionally. It is important that the IIM MBA programs include communication skills, analytical skills, understanding how to manage multicultural teams and a host of other skills. This must be coupled with a thorough knowledge of global management practices which will guide daily decision-making and they must be aware of the various management domains and their application.

With these considerations in mind, the following learning goals were defined for the IIM MBA Programs:

Integrating across business disciplines
The ability to apply a framework drawing from different management domains.

Communication Skills
Proficiency in oral communication as well as the development of analytical, synthetic and writing skills.

Team Dynamics
The ability to work productively as part of a team.

Critical thinking
The ability to analyze key issues and evaluate alternative solutions.

Ethical responsibility
IIMU's mission statement underlines the importance of creating responsible leaders. Students must be encouraged to live by a rigorous and deeply personal code of ethics.

IIM MBA courses are selected with the understanding that the curriculum will play an essential part in achieving these goals.

First-year IIM MBA Course
The first year equips students with a thorough grounding in management fundamentals. Compulsory core courses cover the key tools, concepts and analytical skills used in all major functional areas as well as subjects like business strategy and business ethics which cut across disciplines. A unique feature of the first year IIM MBA Program is the Rural Immersion component which is introduced by a course on the Indian Social and Political Environment followed by a week during which students are divided into five-person teams to undertake projects in various rural locations in collaboration with local NGOs.

Classification of First-Year Courses
CoursesFoundationFunctionalIntegrativeSkill buildingPerspective

Business Policy and Strategy

Business Ethics

Indian Social and Political Environment

Legal Aspects of Business

Strategic Management




Managerial Oral Communication

Written Analysis and Communication – I & II




Microeconomics for Managerscorrect-icn


Finance and Accounting

Corporate Finance – I & II

Financial Accountingcorrect-icn

Managerial Accountingcorrect-icn



Market Research

Marketing Management


Organizational Behavior and Human

Human Resources Management

Organizational Behavior – I & IIcorrect-icn


Operations Management,Quantitative
Methods and Information Systems

Information Systems for Managers


Operations Management

Operations Research

Spreadsheet Modeling

Statistics for Managementcorrect-icn

Note: The specific courses offered may vary from year to year.

Second Year IIM MBA Course
After students complete the core courses, the second year gives them a chance to tailor their curriculum according to their personal interests and career objectives. Electives are offered in all of the major functional areas along with multi-disciplinary courses like Entrepreneurship and Management Consulting. A compulsory course in the second year IIM MBA Program is Capstone which emphasizes the philosophy of immersion and application orientation. Capstone uses technology to create simulated decision-making scenarios within which students can test their understanding of the business environment.

You can find the list of second-year electives: Click Here.