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IIMU Admission Announcement Calendar (MBA 2020-22)


IIMU Admission Announcement Calendar (MBA 2020-22)

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Offer Announcement No.Date of Announcement of OfferStatusLast date of Acceptance ConfirmationLast date of Confirmation by payment of Commitment Fee
1st22nd May 2020Announced5th June 2020 by 11:00 AM5th June 2020 by 11:00 AM
2nd5th June 2020
3rd12th June 2020
4th19th June 2020
5th26th June 2020
6th3rd July 2020
7th10th July 2020
8th17th July 2020
9th24th July 2020
10th27th July 2020
11th30th July 2020
12th31st July 2020


* The second and subsequent announcements will be made from the waiting list. The waiting list is static and a candidate's position on the waitlist will remain constant till last announcement of offer.

Note: Successive announcement of offer will be made subject to drop-outs.

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