IIM PhD Program


IIM PhD Program

  • IIM Udaipur offers Ph.D. in the following areas:
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Operations Management
    • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • The IIM PhD Program is IIM Udaipur's doctoral level program designed for students with strong academic credentials who aspire to undertake demanding original research. Students earning a PhD in management from IIM Udaipur will be well-equipped for a calling in the academia, especially with the increasing focus on continued research throughout the career.
  • IIM PhD Program generally has a duration of 5 years. Students first complete rigorous coursework covering foundational subjects, methods and advanced courses in the area of specialization. The courses for PhD students are exclusively designed and are completely separate from the MBA curriculum. During this time, students gain experience and mastery in a range of research skills, approaches, subject area and methods.
  • After completing a comprehensive examination in their chosen area, students work on their doctoral dissertations, undertaking original research designed to make a significant scholarly contribution in their field.
  • PhD students at IIMU receive a full fellowship that covers the cost of tuition, accommodations, other program expenses and a stipend for a living allowance.

IIMU's PhD Program Course Structure

Research Methods and Foundation courses are compulsory for all students and help them with the necessary foundations and tools for conducting research. Core courses are specific to the area and help the students build an in-depth understanding of the area.

TimeCore CoursesResearch MethodsFoundation Courses
Year 1Core I, II, IIIProbability and Statistics, Econometric MethodsBehavioral Psychology, Microeconomics
Research Practicum/Independent study
Year 2Core IV, V, VIGame Theory-I/ Qualitative Research MethodsManagement Theory, Research Philosophy
Comprehensive Exam Attempt 1
Year 3 Development Workshop (DW) 1, DW 2, DW 3, DW 4 Management Teaching Practice, Proposal Work Begins
End of Year 3Expected Proposal Defense (Earliest)
End of Year 4Expected Dissertation Defense (Earliest)
End of Year 5Expected Dissertation Defense (Latest)

At the end of year one, the students of IIM PhD program are required to do a research practicum/independent study. This research practicum has to be done with a faculty member in the student's area.

If a student fails in the independent study he/she will be asked to discontinue at the end of the first year.

The comprehensive exam would be focused on area-specific courses/topics delivered in both year one and year two.

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