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Curriculum Design


Curriculum Design

PGPX is a 15 month program consisting of four modules:

Module 1 – Management Fundamentals – IIM Udaipur – 5 months

The first module consists of mandatory courses covering the key tools, concepts and analytical skills used in all major functional areas with a focus on global supply chain management.

Foundation: These courses focus on developing the knowledge and analytical ability that support the understanding of the functional areas of business studies.

Functional: These courses cover the fundamentals of business and management studies and equip the students to understand and apply advanced concepts.

Integrative: Integrative courses enable a student to understand how to develop a holistic understanding of organizations and the problems they face and see how different functions relate to each other.

Skill Building: In addition to basic and functional knowledge, a management professional is required to develop and apply a variety of skills and use multiple tools which enable decision-making and better management. Picking up and sharpening these skills is a life-long process and courses designed for building skills get students started on this journey.

Domain expertise: The PGPX curriculum is designed to enable students to become experts in the Supply Chain Management domain at a global level. This set of courses provides a foundation for them to learn advanced SCM concepts.

Module 2 – Experiential Learning – Industry Internships – 2 months

The second Module consists of an eight-week Corporate Internship at a company location where students are exposed to real issues faced by organizations.

  • interns work on an objective problem statement in concert with the client
  • they define measurable and actionable objectives
  • they identify key issues and make concrete recommendations

The internship is designed so that the students begin by gaining an understanding of the supply chain system in the firm and then work on a complex problem statement. The learning experience is rigorous and well-supported by the Faculty team to ensure project delivery.

The internship is critically evaluated by faculty from IIMU who look for evidence that students have begun the process of applying what they have learnt in the classrooms and raising enough questions about the problems that they faced in the internship to make them curious about getting deeper subject knowledge in the SCM domain.

Module 3 – Global Supply Chain Perspective – Purdue University – 5 months

PGPX students get a full semester of international exposure at Purdue University where they take mandatory courses in SCM, logistics management and strategic sourcing. They also choose electives from two different categories:

  • Business electives – GSCM relevant: A set of business electives which are relevant to the program's specialization in global supply chain management
  • GSCM electives: A set of electives which provide specific expertise in GSCM
Module 4 – Advanced Business and SCM Understanding – IIM Udaipur – 3 months

Students return for a final module at IIM Udaipur. In addition to a mandatory Capstone Simulation, they choose from a number of electives which strengthen the specialization in GSCM. As part of the electives, students may undertake a Course of Independent Study (CIS) supervised by IIMU faculty. Students apply the tools, techniques, skills and concepts they have learnt to the study of actual problems through field studies, computer based analysis and library research. CIS is an opportunity for PGPX students to explore the latest topics and trends in GSCM independently and in-depth.