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Elizabeth L. Rose
IIM Udaipur - Best MBA colleges in india
Elizabeth L. Rose

Research Chair Professor in Business Policy & Strategy


  • PhD (Business Administration), University of Michigan, USA
  • M.A. (Statistics), University of Michigan, USA
  • MSE (Civil Engineering), (Civil Engineering), University of Michigan, USA
  • BSE (Civil Engineering), Princeton University, USA

Research Interests
  • International business
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Global strategy
  • Internationalisation to and from emerging markets
  • Service-sector internationalisation
  • Chair in International Business, University of Leeds, UK
  • Professor of International Business, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Professor of International Business, Aalto University, Finland
  • Senior Research Fellow in International Business, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Senior Lecturer of International Business, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of Southern California, USA
  • Product Design Engineer, Ford Motor Company, USA
Journal Publications
  • Rose, E.L. (2021). The decline of US manufacturing: Issues of measurement. Management and Organization Review, 17(1), 24-28.
  • Sadeghi, A., S.K. Chetty, and E.L. Rose (2021). Perceived export performance: The invisible part of the iceberg. Thunderbird International Business Review, forthcoming.
  • Sadeghi, A., E.L. Rose, and T.K. Madsen (2021). Perceived export performance: A contingent measurement approach. Journal of International Marketing, forthcoming.
  • Aliasghar, O., A. Sadeghi, and E.L. Rose (2020). Process innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises: The critical roles of external knowledge sourcing and absorptive capacity. Journal of Small Business Management, forthcoming.
  • Gerschewski, S., J. Scott-Kennel, and E.L. Rose (2020). Ready to export? The role of export readiness for superior performance of small and medium-sized enterprises. The World Economy, 43(5), 1253-1276.
  • Sahasranamam, S., S. Rentala, and E.L. Rose (2019). Knowledge sources and international business activity in a changing innovation ecosystem: A study of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, Management and Organization Review, 15(3), 595-614.
  • Aliasghar, O., E.L. Rose, and S. Chetty (2019). Where to search for process innovations? The mediating role of absorptive capacity and its impact on process innovation. Industrial Marketing Management, 82, 199-212.
  • Aliasghar, O., E.L. Rose, and S. Chetty (2019). Building absorptive capacity through firm openness in the context of a less open country. Industrial Marketing Management, 83, 81-93.
  • Dike, M. and E.L. Rose (2019). Cross-border expansion and competitive interactions of indigenous mobile network operators in sub-Saharan Africa. Thunderbird International Business Review, 61(1), 29-42.
  • Sadeghi, A., E.L. Rose, and S. Chetty (2018). Distentangling the effects of post-entry speed of internationalization on INVs’ performance. International Small Business Journal, 36(7), 780-806.
  • Gabriel, C-A., J. Kirkwood, S. Walton, and E.L. Rose (2016). How do developing country constraints impact renewable energy entrepreneurs? Energy for Sustainable Development, 35, 52-66.
  • Zander, I., P. McDougall-Covin, and E.L. Rose (2015). Born globals and international business: Evolution of a field of research. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(1), 27-35.
  • Gerschewski, S., E.L. Rose, and V.J. Lindsay (2015). Understanding the drivers of international performance for born global firms: An integrated perspective. Journal of World Business, 50(3), 558-575.
  • Gunawan, J. and E.L. Rose (2014). Absorptive capacity development in Indonesian exporting firms: How do institutions matter? International Business Review, 23(1), 45-54.
  • Asakawa, K., K. Ito, E.L. Rose, and D.E. Westney (2013). Internationalization of the Japanese service sector. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30, 1155-1168.
  • Ito, K. and E.L. Rose (2010). The implicit returns on domestic and international sales: An empirical analysis of cross-subsidization. Journal of International Business Studies, 41(6), 1074-1089.
  • Rose, E.L. and K. Ito (2009). Past interactions and new foreign direct investment location decisions: Firm-specific analysis in the global tire industry. Management International Review, 49(5), 641-669.
  • Rose, E.L. and K. Ito (2008). The international investment patterns of Japanese automobile manufacturers. Journal of International Business Studies, 39(5), 864-879.
  • Ball, D.A., V.J. Lindsay, and E.L. Rose (2008). Rethinking the paradigm of service internationalisation: Less resource-intensive market entry modes for information-intensive soft services. Management International Review, 48(4), 413-431.
  • Maitland, E.T., E.L. Rose, and S.J. Nicholas (2005). How firms grow: Clustering as a dynamic model of internationalization. Journal of International Business Studies, 36(4), 435-451.
  • Rose, E.L. and K. Ito (2005). Widening the family circle: Spin-offs in the Japanese service sector. Long Range Planning, 38, 9-26.
  • Chadee, D.D., F. Qiu, and E.L. Rose (2003). FDI location at the subnational level: A study of EJVs in China. Journal of Business Research, 56, 835-845.
  • Ito, K. and E.L Rose (2002). Foreign direct investment location strategies in the tire industry. Journal of International Business Studies, 33(3), 593-602.
  • Ito, K. and E.L. Rose (1994). The genealogical structure of Japanese firms: Parent-subsidiary relationships. Strategic Management Journal, 15(Summer), 35-51.
Edited Books
  • Lewin, A., R. Ramamurti, and E.L. Rose (2021). Yair Aharoni: Academic Entrepreneur, Senior Policy Advisor, and Executive Don, World Scientific Publishing, forthcoming.
  • van Tulder, R., A. Verbeke, E.L. Rose, and Y. Wei (2021). The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity in International Business Research, Emerald.
  • Raghunath, S. and E.L. Rose (2017). International Business Strategy: Perspectives on Implementation in Emerging Markets, Palgrave Macmillan.
Honours and Awards
  • Silver medal for contributions to Journal of International Business Studies (2019)
  • WAIB (Women of the Academy of International Business) Woman of the Year (2019)
  • Elected Fellow, Academy of International Business (2016)
  • Distinguished Service Award, Sub-Saharan Africa Chapter of the Academy of International Business (2016)
  • Best Reviewer Awards: International Management Division, Academy of Management (2006, 2014, 2019, 2020)
  • Academy of International Business (2009, 2013)
  • Best paper, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and Born Global Track, Academy of International Business (2012)
Professional Service
  • Co-editor: Academy of Management Collections (2020-present)
  • Co-editor: Review of International Business and Strategy (2014-present)
  • Senior editor: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management (2019-present)
Academy of International Business (AIB):
  • Secretary-Treasurer, AIB Fellows (2017-2020)
  • Vice president for Administration (2012-2015)
  • Member of selection committee: Temple/AIB Best Paper Award (2013-2016, chair for 2016)
  • Member of selection committee: Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Award (2004-2007; chair for 2006-2007)
  • Facilitator, Paper Development Workshop, AIB-India (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), AIB-MENA (2013), and AIB-Africa (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019) chapter conferences
  • Academic leader, AIB-India Ind-IB program (2016-present)
  • Chapter chair (founding), Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the AIB (2007-2017)
Academy of Management (AoM), International Management Division:
  • Member of Executive Committee (2015-2020; Division chair for 2018-2019)
  • Member of Research/Dissertation Award committee (2008-2015; chair for 2012-2015)
Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA):
  • President (2004-2011)
Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS):
  • President (2009-2011)
Strategic Management Society (SMS), Global Strategy Interest Group:
  • Member of leadership team (2012-2015; IG chair for 2014-2015)
European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management:
  • Board member (2018-present, Vice President of the Board, 2020-present)
School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur:
  • Member of Advisory Board (2020-present)