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Jayaram S. Uparna
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Jayaram S. Uparna

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management


  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, USA

Research interests
  • Jayaram S. Uparna’s research is about entrepreneurship, emerging markets, network theory and big data. He studies small-scale entrepreneurs across the world, and how they exhibit, solicit and receive trust in cross-cultural settings. He is also interested in the antecedents of entrepreneurial decisions in hierarchical societies, and predictors of such endeavours. To infer this, he looks at data from millions of lenders and borrowers spread across 220 countries, using both quantitative and qualitative methodological techniques, as well as topic modelling and supervised text-classifiers to uncover patterns of behavior. He has published in entrepreneurship and computer science journals as well as authoring book chapters for Oxford handbooks. He is a member of the Academy of Management, and European