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Kunal Kamal Kumar
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Kunal Kamal Kumar

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management


  • FPM (OB & HRM), 2013 - IIM Indore, India
  • Master of Arts, 2005 - University of Delhi
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Honors), 2003 - University of Delhi

Work Experience
  • June 16, 2017 onwards: Faculty (OB & HRM), IIM Udaipur
  • July 1, 2013 to June 15, 2017: Faculty (OB & Ethics) TAPMI Manipal
Research Interests
  • Employee Voice
  • Power and Politics in Organizations
  • Linguistic, Caste, and Gender Diversity in Organizations
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  • Mishra, S. K., Kodwani, A. D., Kumar, K. K., & Jain, K. K. (2018). Linking loneliness to depression: a dynamic perspective. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 25(7), 2089-2104. doi:10.1108/BIJ-10-2016-0158
  • Kumar, K. K., & Mishra, S. K. (2021, May 27-28, 2021). The masculine dragon and the feminine elephant: Why do ‘scholars’ fail to understand India-China geopolitics. Paper presented at the 6th Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference, Virtual Mode.
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  • Kumar, K. K., Fang, T., & Krishnan, R. T. (2017). Indian cultures and innovation characteristics: A Yin Yang approach. Paper presented at the Management and Organization Review Second Research Frontiers Conference, Bangalore, India.