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Tushar  Agrawal
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Tushar Agrawal



  • Ph.D. Development Studies, 2014- Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, India
  • M.Phil. Development Studies, 2009- Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, India
  • B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering, 2006-UPTU, Lucknow, India

Professional Activities
  • Reviewer for: Feminist Economics, International Journal of Education Economics and Development (Multiple), Prospects, Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, Journal of Vocational Education and Training, and Journal for Labour Market Research.

  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2014. "Gender and Caste-based Wage Discrimination in India: Some Recent Evidence," Journal for Labour Market Research, 47(4): 329-340.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2014. "Skill Development in India- An Examination," Journal of Education and Work, 27(6): 629-650.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2014. "Educational Inequality in Rural and Urban India," International Journal of Educational Development, 34(1): 11-19.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2013. "Educational Attainment in Educationally Backward States of India: Some Implications for the Right to Education Act," International Journal of Education Economics and Development, 4(1): 89-99.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2013. "Are there Glass Ceiling and Sticky Floor Effects in India? - An Empirical Examination," Oxford Development Studies, 41(3): 322-342.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2013. "Vocational Education and Training Programmes (VET): An Asian Perspective," Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 14(1): 15-26.
  • Singh, Ashish, Upasak Das and Tushar Agrawal. 2013. "How Inclusive has Regular Employment been in India? A Dynamic View," European Journal of Development Research, 25(3): 486-494.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2012. "Vocational Education and Training in India: Challenges, Status and Labour Market Outcomes," Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 64(4): 453-474.
  • Agrawal, Tushar. 2012. "Returns to Education in India: Some Recent Evidence. Journal of Quantitative Economics, 10(2): 131-151.
  • Agrawal, Ankush and Tushar Agrawal. 2012. "NSSO's Consumer Expenditure Surveys: An Examination of Respondent Characteristics," Sarvekhana, 97, 18-30.
  • Ramaswamy, KV, and Tushar Agrawal. 2012. "Services-led Growth, Employment, Skill and Job Quality: A Study of Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Urban India." India Development Report 2012-13 Chapter 8. Dev, S. Mahendra (Ed), New Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp. 116-131.