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Functional and Professional


ConsultU, the Consulting Club of Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur primarily focuses on two activities- Industry Immersion and Knowledge Management.

Industry Immersion is part of the mission of IIM Udaipur. ConsultU acts as a channel between the students and the industry by bringing Live Projects to the campus. These projects help industries solve their problems by working with the students who are armed with fresh ideas and knowledge. While working on live projects, the students gain crucial insights which help them in understanding business and at the same time guide them towards building a career in management consultancy.

The club has successfully delivered projects across various domains like finance, marketing, human resources and operations. The projects, typically of 1-3 months duration, have always ended up in bringing tangible benefits for the clients. In a short span of three years,the club has served more than 2 dozen clients across multiple industries. The club also took up a project which helped to design the under construction permanent campus of IIM Udaipur in an energy efficient manner.

Knowledge Management is a unique initiative by ConsultU, where the club provides various platforms to the students for enhancing their knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • Seminars and Workshops conducted by Consulting practitioners and Industry stalwarts. Through these workshops, students are exposed to the real life challenges and experiences. The club aims to improve the knowledge of students by disseminating information and relevant trends in the industry.
  • Case Study Competitions acts as a platform for future management consultants to compete on the toughest of cases.
  • Case Interview Sessions which enables students to discern through the cases in a structured manner so as to design meaningful and executable strategies. These sessions also help students to prepare for consulting interviews.


Antardrishti was a business conclave organized during Solaris'16 in collaboration with PiE- The Economics Club. The theme for the first part of the conclave was "India: Future Growth Driver of World Economy" while the second part was themed around "Emerging Trends in Payments Systems". The aim of this conclave was to promote exchange of knowledge between students and the flagbearers of the industry. The conclave included thought-provoking insights by the speakers followed by a panel discussion and open house session afterwards.

Launch of ConsultU chronicles

In January, 2017, ConsultU launched the first edition of its newsletter, ConsultU Chronicles. The aim of this magazine is to enable an effective communication channel which allows us to speak our ideas, thoughts and achievements to the industry.