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Functional and Professional


Finomina, the Finance Club of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur is a student-driven initiative established with a purpose to nurture interest and create awareness among students about the different domains of the financial services industry. The club's activities cover domains ranging from investment banking, equity research and corporate finance to retail banking and microfinance. Finomina aims to promote student-industry interaction by organizing knowledge sessions with reputed names from within the industry as well as academicians from various other IIMs. The Club's annual magazine 'Arthaarth' probes and publishes articles on current financial and economic environment. The club also organizes 'Arth-Samvaad'- the annual finance symposium of IIM Udaipur, which covers Panel Discussion and Face-off.


Finomina conducts a series of interactive lectures delivered by esteemed industry experts and renowned academicians in the field of finance. The earlier sessions have seen the likes of Prof.Aswath Damodaran (Stern University), Mr.Ramesh Venkat (CEO, Reliance Private Equity), Mr. Ashish Chauhan (CEO & MD, Bombay Stock Exchange), etc.


The Club conducts a regular brainstorming session within the student fraternity to discuss the current happening in the world of finance and economics.

Bloomberg Lab

The Institute has 12 state-of- the-art Bloomberg Terminals. The Club encourages the student community to make full use of the resources for their various course projects. Club also helps the community with the basic certification provided by the Bloomberg like BMC, BAT, etc.



Arthaarth, the annual magazine of Finomina, covers major International Financial events, providing a holistic interpretation of the recent developments in the field of finance. This year our magazine published articles of MBA aspirants from all over India. As of November 2017, eight issues of the magazine have been published covering topics as varied as twin balance sheet problem to Crypto Currency. The latest edition of Arthaarth was unveiled during Arth-Samvaad 2017 by the esteemed panel of Mr.Aman Ahuja, Mr. Bhavesh Rupani, Mr.N Viswanathan, Mr. Rajesh Mokashi, Mr.Sandeep Arora and Mr. Sugata Bhattacharya.


Finomina enlightens the minds of IIM Udaipur community every week through its weekly newsletter, Fin-Elixir. Fin-Elixir aims to create awareness about the major happenings in the world of finance and economics. It is a medley of the performance of the stock market, volatility of gold and exchange rate in the past week, and covers the major worldly events.

Fundit Baba Series

A knowledge enhancing series circumscribing various aspects of personal finance. As well as facilitating learning of student from the placement perspective.

IPO Analysis Report

A detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the company floating the IPO. Analysis of Growth drivers, Competitive advantage and the risk associated with the IPO. Also, the report provide recommendation on Go or No Go for long and short-term investors.

Industry/ Sector Analysis Report

A comprehensive report in the present state of the industry, market share by each major players, up-side factors and down-side factors considering the economic and technological factors in the country. Projected growth/slump along with the possible advancement in various verticals. The report empowers the reader togain deep insight of key factors of industry along with fair idea of various trends in the industry.

Money Minters

An online virtual stock trading activity to give students feel of market sentiment and harness their investment strategies. Students get a virtual 1Cr which can be invested in equity and bond market.


Arth-Samvaad, the finance symposium, is one of the most acclaimed annual events of IIM Udaipur fraternity. Since its inception, it has been providing a platform for future financial managers to learn, interact and discuss with industry stalwarts, the changing trends in the financial world and the micro and macro- economic factors that affect financial decision-making. The thought provoking as well as galvanizing sessions of the summit consists of Interactive Panel Discussions. The theme of Arth-Samvaad 2017 was "Disruption in Financial Services Industry" and the topic for Panel Discussion under these was: "What are the disruptions in Financial Service Industry and How to sustain them?"

The speakers for the panel discussion:

  • Mr. Aman Ahuja, VP, South Aisa, MasterCard
  • Mr. Bhavesh Rupani - Senior VP Axis Bank (Ex Director & Chief Financial Officer, Axis Capital)
  • Mr. Rajesh Mokashi - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, CARE Ratings
  • Mr. Sandeep Arora - (Ex CEO & MD, AXA Business Services)


Vitt-Sangram is an annual case study competition. The last edition was conducted as a part of Solaris 2017, the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur on 12th Nov 2017 and was having prizes worth INR 50,000. The event received an overwhelming response from B-School students all over India. In the first round, a quiz was conducted encompassing questions from various domains of finance as well as current happenings in the business world. 37 teams were then shortlisted for the second round in which they were given a case study to analyse and submit their presentations. Going further, five teams were shortlisted for the final round on campus where the teams had to present their solutions in front of our esteemed judge. The Case Study Challenge was judged by Mr N. Viswanathan, Asst. Professor, Finance & Accounting, IIM Udaipur.


Open-Outcry is an annual intra-institute event, which provided an excellent platform to understand the basics of commodities trading, through the simulation of an "on-the- floor," OTC stock exchange.