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Functional and Professional

About us

Marclan: A platform created by the marketing enthusiasts of IIM Udaipur, we stand to serve the IIMU community. Our purpose is to nurture the hidden talents of students in the marketing field. The ideology Marclan operates on “ Explore, Expand and Express your knowledge “. Marclan: A Clan of explorers of various fields of Marketing. The club is equally committed to helping the student community in each and every field of marketing, be it studies, projects, competitions and placements. In doing that, we are not limited to the IIM Udaipur campus, rather our expanse includes colleges and institutes at Pan India level. It strives to motivate and help the student community of IIM Udaipur to participate in marketing events outside campus boundary walls. Marclan envisions to be one of the top marketing clubs in India by working with marketers all over India.

Brand Folklore

Disseminating knowledge among the student community is one of the key objectives of MarClan. We do this mainly through Brand Folklore and M-Shorts. Brand Folklore is an article that is released roughly on a fortnightly basis. It educates the readers about a particular brand right from the story behind the inception of the brand to the defining marketing strategies that the brand adopted during the course of its lifetime. This is a new initiative aimed at improving the knowledge of the student community regarding the major brands of the world and the marketing strategies used by them that made them successful.


M-Shorts - weekly newsletter, a new initiative of MarClan Club. It is released every Monday and consists of 5 news articles from the previous week, with links to the full articles. The objective of this newsletter is to keep the community updated about the latest steps taken by companies to promote & advertise their brands, marketing strategies, the launch of new products, strategic steps like acquisition and mergers to increase market share etc. M-shorts put forward the real-time examples of how brands & companies are utilizing different communication channels, social media, and events to increase awareness about their brand & engage the audience.



Samvaah is a Marketing Conclave of IIM Udaipur, which will be conducted every year as part of Solaris. The event showcases leaders in the Marketing community all over India. Samvaah provides a platform for students to learn about the developments in the field of marketing from the industry experts. We provide a chance for students to express their thoughts and get opinions from esteem speakers. It’s been a pleasure to organize Samvaah as part of Solaris.

A L Jagannath, Senior Director, Dell EMC, VMware started his talk by shedding light on the significance of synergy. He then went on to talk about brand building, the importance of communication, marketing strategies and user experience and how the combination of appropriate strategies, tactics, and execution methods can help in achieving optimum results. He concluded with the key learning that how every customer is important and every detail needs attention.

Mr. Vishal Rupani, CEO and Founder, mCanvas talked about how the combination of positive synergy and collaboration leads to marketing excellence citing the empirical example of how reactions of hydrogen can be both fruitful and destructive when combined with oxygen and sulfur respectively. He also shed light on augmented reality, creative thinking and following an experiential and interactive approach for brand creation.

Sumeli Chatterjee, VP, Head Brand, The Times of India, Metro Supplements and Mirror Brands, in her heart-warming talk, spoke about how change begins at the junction of culture, behavior and symbolism taking the examples of TOI campaigns such as "two dots" and "out and proud" and how a creative team gives you a head-start.

The summit ended with a panel discussion with speakers discussing how consumers love content, and the urge to keep it as interesting as possible. Answering questions, they spoke about the need to create loyalty amongst the customers, as it is for them for whom the campaigns are being made. They also shared the value of using data, as a means for personalization for the consumers.


Auctionnaire, an unusual bidding game, was conducted by MarClan in Solaris 2019. Students participated in teams of two or three. It consisted of three rounds with eliminations after every round. Round 1 was an online quiz to test the participants' brand knowledge. In Round 2, the teams needed to give a solution to an unusual situation through the lens of marketing and submit a write-up on the same. The shortlisted teams were invited for Round 3 at the IIM Udaipur campus. The final round was a simulation of an auction where participating teams played the role of bidders. Each had to bid for a brand category and television channel of their choice. Teams were given products based on the brand category they chose. The event was equal parts fun and thrill, where participants had to make decisions under time pressure & stiff competition, putting their marketing and strategic skills to test while posing as a bidder!

Brands Do Care

Brands Do Care was an online event organised during Solaris 2019, the Management Fest of IIM Udaipur. The event tested the ability of individuals to position a brand in a way to create trust among people and what it can do to solve the environmental issues. This event was created to spread awareness about how the right brand position in terms of protecting the environment can be worth millions.

Bring It to Life

Bring it to life was an online event organised during Solaris 2019, the Management Fest of IIM Udaipur. The event is all about reviving a brand or product that’s shutdown in the past. The participants have to think of a campaign that these brands can start if they are going to market their products. The event was created to make participants understand the factors that help in the revival of a brand and make students think beyond conventional budding products.

Ranbhoomi 2020

Ranbhoomi 2020: Mark your State. An event which measures how much you know about your state and how well can you market it to others. 3 Rounds one preliminary round, one elimination and one expression round. Preliminary round regards to the brand elements of the teams. The elimination round is about how well the participants know about India in the context of Marketing. The Last Round is an expression round where teams are given the opportunity to market there a state in whatever they choose. This event is to educate people about each other's states and cultures. Make students understand and expand their knowledge of various diversities to help them navigate the difficulties of regional marketing campaigns in future.