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Marclan: A platform created by the marketing enthusiasts of IIM Udaipur; we stand to serve the IIMU community. Our purpose is to nurture the hidden talents of students in the marketing field. The ideology Marclan operates on is “Explore, Expand and Express your knowledge “. Marclan: A Clan of explorers of various fields of Marketing. The club is equally committed to helping the student community in each and every field of marketing, be it studies, projects, competitions, and placements. In doing that, we are not limited to the IIM Udaipur campus, rather our expanse includes colleges and institutes at Pan India level. It strives to motivate and help the student community of IIM Udaipur to participate in marketing events outside campus boundary walls. Marclan envisions to be one of the top marketing clubs in India by working with marketers all over India.


MarcBuzz - weekly newsletter, a new initiative of MarClan Club. It is released every Wednesday and consists of news articles from the previous week, with links to the full articles. The objective of this newsletter is to keep the community updated about the latest steps taken by companies to promote & advertise their brands, marketing strategies, the launch of new products, strategic steps like acquisition and mergers to increase market share etc. MarcBuzz put forward the real-time examples of how brands & companies are utilizing different communication channels, social media, and events to increase awareness about their brand & engage the audience.



MarClan Published the 9th edition of its annual magazine Zeitgeist, which consists of articles related to various prospects of marketing and its strategies. The articles were penned by marketing enthusiasts from many top b schools of India including IIM Udaipur. The articles highlighted the upcoming marketing trends and talked about the opportunities in the marketing domain.



Samvaah is a Marketing Conclave of IIM Udaipur, which is conducted every year as part of Solaris. The event showcases leaders in the Marketing community all over India. Samvaah provides a platform for students to learn about the developments in the field of marketing from industry experts. We give a chance for students to express their thoughts and get opinions from esteemed speakers. It’s been a pleasure to organize Samvaah as part of Solaris.

Samvaah 2021 hosted three great marketers Mr. Shardul Bist, Mr. Mukul Varshney, and Mr. Sandeep Shukla, who enlightened the students with their experiences about how they transcended ideologies & broke conventions to create brand value for their customers.

Mr. Shardul Bist (Chief Marketing Officer, Modi Naturals)


A MICA post-graduate with 13+ years of experience spanning various sectors ranging from FMCG, Food, Fashion, and Brand Consulting. Mr. Shardul is amongst the youngest CMOs in the country and heads a team managing all the consumer brands of one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in the country, Modi Naturals.

Mr. Mukul Varshney (Director of Corporate Affairs at John Deere)


Mr. Varshney leads John Deere's efforts in various capacities as a board, governing council, and executive member on trade and industry association bodies. Varshney brings over 31 years of experience in channel management, strategic and business planning, new business models, sales, human resource process re-engineering, agri-solution, and biofuels management.

Mr. Sandeep Shukla (Head Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group)


With over 23 years of experience and having worked with the Jaquar group for the last 11 years, Mr. Sandeep has been a crucial player in establishing the Jaquar Group as a leading global brand in the complete bathing and lighting solutions space. Sandeep has a post-graduate degree in business studies, known for his eloquence as a public speaker and progressive thinking on strategic marketing.



This event was conducted to test the knowledge and understanding of the industry along with a simulation of the real-time auction and the ability to channelize one’s bidding for fulfilling a marketing challenge. It was the flagship event of MarClan, the marketing club of IIM Udaipur.



Marc Wars, one of our popular events, is lined up for Solaris by Team MarClan. This event was conducted to test ability to create a promotion strategy for fictional products from your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and books.



Triathlon is a unique marketing marathon of three unconnected rounds which required participants to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions. The rounds were a step away from normal marketing competition and were connected to our day-to-day life. To be the ultimate champion one needed to conquer all three rounds.


Marc-Ace was the intra-college competition conducted by MarClan which consisted of two rounds. The first round tested the brand knowledge of the participants while the second round was Brand Roast, where participants were required to use their humor along with their marketing knowledge.


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