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Functional and Professional

About Us

PiE is the Economics Club of IIM Udaipur. Economics is the most vital subject for the future managers irrespective of the industry and domain they are working in. Mission of the club is to help students develop a larger perspective of the world around them which in turn would help them to make better decisions when they step into the corporate world. The club provides a platform to debate and discuss the prevalent policy issues that governing institutions continue to grapple with. We try to accomplish this through various channels and activities.

The mission of the Club is to facilitate knowledge creation through an interactive process of participating in shared learning activities. The Club’s vision is to be the best Economics club amongst all B-schools in India. We try to imbibe our core values which are Clan culture, Excellence,Consistency, Transparency and Teamwork in all our activities.

Article of the Week (AOW)

Every week, the club analyses the contemporary issues taking place around the world in the form of 'Article of the Week' and represent it in a concise form that makes it easier and quicker for the reader to understand, given the fast pace of life at the institute.


Ecodose is a weekly newsletter series consisting of a balanced combination of national and international news related to the major Micro- and Macro-economic developments. It is circulated with the intention of keeping the student community up-to- date with the recent happenings around the world.

Blogging & Social Media

PiE also features a blog on WordPress called ‘ArthManch’ created with an idea of providing a platform where people can not only read but also comment and discuss economic issues on the go. It offers the readers a systematic collection of the articles written by the club members and also the ones shared by the community. It goes in line with the club's mission of improving the economic knowledge base of the community, where, the role of knowledge creation (enhancement) is not limited to the club members.

The club actively updates news content on three social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

AOW Quiz

It is an online intra-college quiz conducted by PiE based on the content we circulate in our AOWs which could be located on our blog. The aim is to help in the reinforcement of the ideas in the articles that we circulate


The Club organizes workshops for students to help them prepare for summer and final placements.


Antardrishti is one of the most renowned annual economics events of IIM Udaipur fraternity hosted annually by PiE during Solaris, the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur organized by PiE. It aims to promote synthesis of ideas and insightful exchanges between industry and academia by engaging in discussions on the latest issues in the world of economics. Antardrishti provides an opportunity to discuss the contemporary macroeconomic factors affecting India and their interplay with global economic and financial situations. The summit consists of thought-provoking insights by guest speakers coming from national and International Banking Institutions and Regulatory Bodies by having panel discussions and open house sessions with them. So far, eminent personalities from RBI, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Deutsche Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC bank have graced the occasion.

Antardrishti 2017, the economics summit conducted by PiE during Solaris on the topic "Protectionism in the age of Globalization" was organized with Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya (Chief Economist, Axis Bank) and Dr. Andreas Bauer (Sr. Resident Representative, IMF) sharing their wisdom with the community.

The theme for Antardrishti 2018 was ‘Policies for a Resilient Economy.’ and it witnessed eminent speakers such as Mr. Abheek Barua (Chief Economist and Executive Vice President at HDFC Bank) and Mr. Tamal Bandyopadhyay (a renowned business journalist and the winner of prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award).

Vaad-Vivaad - Debate Competition

Vaad-Vivaad is an annual inter-college debate competition conducted under the flagship management festival of IIM Udaipur, Solaris. The purpose of the debate is to develop ideas, discussion, and major arguments in support of and opposed to a pre-specified economic topic. Debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous self-examination. In its latest version in 2018, team Mind Benders from IMI Delhi was declared the winner by expert panelists.

Budget Quiz

It is one of the most-coveted events conducted by PiE. Every year, PiE organizes a budget quiz soon after the announcement of the budget. This is an inter B-school quiz organized by the club, where, the best minds of the country compete to prove their mettle in understanding and interpreting the budget. The quiz consists of questions on a variety of formats and students battle it out to connect the dots. In its latest version in 2018, PiE received tremendous response from the best B-schools of the country and saw the participation of 450+ teams.

Arthniti - Flavour of Economics

The quiz is conducted in July exclusively for the newly inducted batch, to give them a taste of the world of Economics and an indication of what to expect from PiE. The quiz challenges the students to use the power of the internet to find answers to the mind-boggling questions.

RBI policy review challenge

It is an inter B-school writing competition where aspiring economists predict the RBI's monetary policy actions backed by their sound arguments before RBI actually holds its bi-monthly Monetary policy review meetings. It helps them to analyze and appreciate things from a larger perspective, thus preparing them for bigger roles going forward.


It is the annual magazine edited and published by PiE and unveiled during the Solaris, the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur. The articles on contemporary economic issues are invited from the budding economists from various B-schools.