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“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” ~ Peter F. Drucker

About Us

SAKSHAM is the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur.

Entrepreneurship is a key element in the cultural fabric of IIM Udaipur. To forward this vision, Saksham endeavors to augment the entrepreneurial capability among the students and enable them to make their ideas into reality.

The vision of the club is to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in the student community of IIM Udaipur and the society at large by enabling translation of ideas into successful ventures.

Previously, IIM Udaipur has entered into MoUs with TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) for a long-term engagement in entrepreneurial activities.

Collaborating with IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre

IIMU Incubation Center is the key enabler of Entrepreneurship at IIM Udaipur. Saksham works closely with IIMU Incubation Center to serve as a facilitator for students in their journey of Entrepreneurship

Engagement with Start-Ups

SAKSHAM is directly involved in solving various start-up related issues and give an opportunity to the IIMU student community to work on the real-world problem and provide them a sustainable solution

Connecting with Venture Capitalist/Angel Investors

SAKSHAM is involved constantly connecting with various venture capitalists and angel investors and acts as a bridge between the investors and the start-ups. In the past, Saksham have collaborated with prominent Investor networks such as Mumbai Angels Network, HostelFund, Key Ventures, SenseAI Ventures etc.

Connecting with Mentors

PRARAMBH, the flagship event of SAKSHAM is the only college level B-Plan competition in India which gives a mentorship for approximately two months to select participants. During Prarambh, we connect with various industry stalwarts and successful entrepreneurs to mentor the participants and make them pitch-ready.

Workshop Series

Workshops such as Usage and Attitude (U&A) Survey Workshops and Design Thinking and Prototype Development workshops were conducted to give the participants a sense of what all things go into starting up. U&A Workshop aimed at giving the participants an insight into how you conduct an initial market survey to identify if there is even a need of your product/service. The Design Thinking workshop aimed at getting the participants accustomed to the need for innovation in today’s world and techniques to get there. Prototyping Workshop helped the participants in knowing the importance of prototyping and the ways to go about it.

Pathfinder Challenge

IIM Udaipur is committed to nurturing upcoming business leaders and entrepreneurs who will power their organizations, and create innovative products and services. We at IIMU believe that entrepreneurship is not just about building an enterprise, but it is also a virtue with which one can solve business problems with innovative ideas. In the endeavor to fulfill this vision, to ignite innovative thinking and enhance fundamental business knowledge, Saksham in collaboration with Incubation Center organizes a National level Ideathon - 'The Pathfinder Challenge'. The theme for 2020 was ‘Fighting the Pandemic’ which aims to support the post-COVID economic revival.


Saudagar is the annual B-Plan competition of IIM Udaipur aiming to inculcate the skills of B-Plan formulation among the students. Business Plans are an essential part of an entrepreneurial journey and help one to understand their business better. Saudagar is an interactive B-Plan competition closely resembling Shark Tank providing a platform to develop Business Plan and understand the business in a better way.



BizViz is the annual case study competition organized by Saksham during Solaris, Annual management fest of IIM Udaipur. BizViz provides an opportunity to become an entrepreneur, and face all the challenges associated with it, for real! It lets students to solve a real-world problem by applying logic, business acumen, and gut feeling. The case for the last year was provided by White Print, India's First English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille. The student teams were evaluated by a team the founder of White Print - Upasana Makati, an activist for visually impaired and was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016


One of the core objectives of Saksham is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students and provide them with the right resources to and support them in their ventures. In order to facilitate this, it is crucial for the student startups to emphasize on a strong ground work and focus on answering the following key questions:

  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What is the value we are delivering to them?
  • How do we deliver this value to the end customers?
  • How are we generating revenue in this process of delivering value?

With the aim to ignite an entrepreneurial mindset within the students and transforming the student ideas into working business models, we have started iGNITE.

iGNITE is a series of interactive sessions in collaboration with IIM Udaipur incubation center to help students to get their idea rolling into pitch-ready business ideas using suitable models.

Guest talks

Saksham invited eminent personalities from time to time for guest talks to the campus. Rohit Jaiswal – Co-Founder, Bombay Shaving Company, Upasana Makati – Founder, White Print, Rishabh Verdia – TiE Udaipur, Gaurav Mantri - Founder, Cerebrata Cynapta, Mahavir Pratap Sarma - Global Board Member, TiE, Pranay Gupta - CIIE Member, Founder - 91springboard, are some who have graced us with their presence.

Balicha Haat

Best way to learn something is to get hands-on experience of it. With this objective in mind, Saksham organizes Balicha Haat, a place to showcase entrepreneurial skills.

BALICHA HAAT is a marketplace where students can sell, buy, earn and become the hottest entrepreneur on campus. Students can sell anything with their own resources and skill-set. (Food items, Art Craft, Merchandise, Gaming stall etc.)

Once Impossible - Podcast Series

Saksham in association with the Incubation Center of IIM Udaipur launched its podcast series. The podcast aims to spark and develop entrepreneurial spirit in the young minds of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The podcast series revolves around the real time stories of starting their entrepreneurial journey from the founder of companies like Bombay Shaving Company, Tempawala, Prodigy etc.


E-Summit is a platform which helps students to interact with successful entrepreneurs personally and get inspired by their words.

With this aim, Saksham organized the first ever E-Summit at IIM Udaipur in 2020 hosting successful entrepreneurs who shared their inspirational journey with the students and ignited a spark among the students to consider entrepreneurship as a career path.


Prarambh, Startup fest of IIM Udaipur, is Saksham’s flagship start-up conclave which helps students’ ideas transform into working business models through expert mentorship and bring them to fruition by providing an opportunity to pitch in front of real investors.

Prarambh helps entrepreneurs transform their innovative ideas into working business models and the existing start-ups to develop their prototype and conduct market testing. Prarambh started as a 32-hour Startup challenge & with an immense response now it got shaped into a 6-week mentorship and Pitching event.

The event accepts applications from various students/individuals in two tracks

  • Track 1 - For existing start-ups with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Track 2 - For students having a potential business idea
Judges/Investor for PRARAMBH 2020
Ankur Goel
Ankur Goel

Founder & CEO Skwerup.com

Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain

Founder HostelFund

Jigar Jivani
Jigar Jivani

Manager Operations at NDBI

Nidhi Saraf
Nidhi Saraf

Founder & CEO at Key Ventures | Angel Investor at Quifers

Sridhar R
Sridhar R

Executive Vice-Chairman & CEO IndoStar Capital Private Ltd

Swarup Pandya

Ex-Senior Associate Programs Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

V srinivasan

Retired MD Hoganas India

Mentors for PRARAMBH 2020
Akhilesh Trivedi
Akhilesh Trivedi

Global Mentor & Strategist at StartupCheers

Arun Attri
Arun Attri

Vice President (IT), Wonder Cement Limited

Deepesh Goel
Deepesh Goel

Consultant - Industrial Internet of Things

Dr Neha Sharma
Dr Neha Sharma

Principal Investigator, DST, Govt. of Rajasthan

Naman Sehgal
Naman Sehgal

Country Head & Community Director - SOSV MOX

Nitin Garg
Nitin Garg

Founder of Brown Leaf Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rishiraj Kashyap
Rishiraj Kashyap

Product Marketing Manager of GreyOrange

Sandeep Rana
Sandeep Rana

Co-Founder of Zzungry.com

Vaibhav Tolia
Vaibhav Tolia

Group Product Manager - GreyOrange

Vatsal Shah
Vatsal Shah

Business Coach at Pragmatic Consultancy

Vivek Srinivasan
Vivek Srinivasan

Co-founder of Startup Club, Co-Author of “A Thousand to a Million Dollar”

Additional Pictures of Prarambh

Startups from IIM Alumni’s
MBA 2019-21
MBA 2020-22
MBA DEM 2020-21
MBA GSCM 2020-21

Startups from IIM Alumni’s

Rohit Jaiswal
PGP 2012-14

Akshay Jhinga
Co-founder & CEO
PGP 2011-13 (Pioneer batch)

Ritu Singh
CEO at Elawoman
PGP 2012-2014

Sandeep Rana,
PGP 2012-14

Angad Singh Abrol
Co-Founder & CEO
PGP 2013-15 batch

Gaurav Agarwal
PGP 2017-19

Rutvi Solanki
2013-15 batch

Amit Hanspal & Hemant Chandak Co-Founder
PGP 2015-17

Darpan Saxena
PGP 2017-19

Amarpal Singh
2013-15 batch

Stuti Agrawal
PGP 2013-15

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