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Technalytics, the Analytics and IT club of IIM Udaipur, provides the student community of IIM Udaipur a common platform to discuss and gain knowledge about the trends in information technology and data analytics. It equips the students with the technological know-how of the industry and the implementation of analytical skills through weekly newsletters, workshops, events, and summits.


The team is responsible for sending frequent informative e-mailers to the entire community, which is intended to keep the community up-to-date with various technological trends and happenings in the field of Analytics. The topics are chosen in such a manner that they are relevant to the students and are presented in a simple, mostly graphical manner so that it is easy to visualize and understand.

The newsletters can be accessed here.



The Annual Analytics Summit - Analitica'22 was held on the 20th and 21st of August 2022. The Indian Institute of Management Udaipur hosts Analitica every year with the goal to bring together global leaders in the field of technology and analytics. This year, 'Analitica' was held on the theme of "Security and Sustainability: Future of Data in Digital Transformation." It was graced by the presence of Mr. Anant Deshpande, Mr. Anshul Malik, Mr. Satyajit Dwivedi, Ms. Varun Thamba and Ms. Vidya Veeraraghavan.


Mind-Wizz and BrAIniac

As a part of Solaris’22, the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur, we conducted two inter-college competitions. Mind-Wizz was an analytics-based business case competition. Our second event, BrAIniac , was online analytics and aptitude-based quiz. The enthusiastic participation from B-schools across the country was genuinely encouraging, and in fact, the participation numbers surpassed those of all previous editions.


The Analytics Summit held during Solaris’22 was conducted successfully, with three speakers joining us in person. The theme for the summit was ‘Alchemizing Innovations’. Eminent leaders from Microsoft, Oracle and Intel attended the summit and shared their diverse experiences with the student community.


We will strive to add value to the community through our new initiatives and ensure a continual learning process.


Considering how essential tools like Excel, PowerBI and Tableau are in the present day, we had a workshop conducted prior to Analitica’22 by Mr. Havish Madhavpaty from Havish M Consulting as part of the Data Analytics and Data Visualization Masterclass. The workshop included Master Excel Data Prep and Data Cleaning with Functions, Formulas, and Power Query, introduction to LET, LAMBDA, and Dynamic Arrays, practical VBA Programming for everyone along with an introduction to JS and TS and Data Visualization on Power BI + Tableau.

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