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Social and Recreational


Bikers and Trekkers Club (B.A.T) – The Adventure Club of IIM Udaipur is the newest club initiated in the year of 2017 by the PGP 2016-18 batch.

The Bikers and Trekkers Club is the collective representation of the adventurous side of Balicha folks.

Udaipur is called the "Venice of the East" and rightly so; with the tranquillity of its lakes and royal feel of its forts, Udaipur has always attracted wanderers. But there's another aspect of Udaipur's beauty which is relatively less explored, i.e., the beauty of its Aravali hills and the hidden treasures that lie amongst it.

Being part of "Bikers & Trekkers", our motto is to develop the nascent culture of travelling & exploring the natural beauty of Udaipur further and help the students unwind from the academic rigour.

The simply stated corporate motif bearing name hides behind itself the charismatic characteristics of the Wolf. The logo symbolises the social bonding and camaraderie shared by a Wolf Pack. An abode for those who belong to the roads and the nature, this club is created along the legacies of the travellers. The club is the newest addition to the list and is dedicatedly focused on initiatives for unleashing the students’ connect with trekking and travelling. The club is also an open community access club with access to not only the students but all people on the campus.

Activities Done So Far-
  • Induction Ceremony:An induction ceremony was organized by the founding members for the new members from PGP1. Members were invited to a nearby hilltop, and a bonfire was lit. Founding members of the club briefed the new members about the rules, regulations and activities planned.
  • Inaugural Trek (First Trek Together):The trek was started at 5AM in the morning on bikes. The hill was nearby, and it took around twenty minutes to reach. The eye-catching view of the sun rising between the hills and moving through the clouds was mesmerizing. It took two hours to reach the summit. The view from hilltop was spellbinding. One could see the clouds in the valley below.
  • Roadtrip (First Trip after B.A.T Formation): The first roadtrip planned after the formation of the club was to Ubeshwar and Keleshwar which is a waterfall 40 Km away from Udaipur in the midst of the Aravalli ranges. The mesmerising beauty of the monsoon splashed mountains and the greenery of the countryside of Udaipur was breathtaking.
Activities Planned
  • Roadtrip Information
  • List of Places (Must See Places)
  • List of Hangout Places / Cafes in udaipur
  • Provide Photos / Videos
  • Trekking Inforamtion
  • Create maps in College/ Hostel
  • Memorabilia for Batch
Future Activities-
  • Trekking and Hiking Expeditions
  • Roadtrips
  • Rock Climbing Event
  • Wall Rappeling Event
  • Trekking Inforamtion
  • Night Safaris and Camping