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Bikers and Trekkers Club (B.A.T) – The Adventure Club of I.I.M. Udaipur is the second newest club initiated in the year of 2017 by the PGP 2016-18 batch. The Bikers and Trekkers Club is the collective representation of the adventurous side of Balicha folks.

Udaipur is called the "Venice of the East" and rightly so; with the tranquillity of its lakes and royal feel of its forts, Udaipur has always attracted wanderers. But there's another aspect of Udaipur's beauty, which is relatively less explored, i.e., the beauty of its Aravali hills and the hidden treasures that lie amongst it.

Bikers and Trekkers Club (B.A.T)

Being part of "Bikers & Trekkers," our motto is to develop the nascent culture of travelling & exploring the natural beauty of Udaipur further and help the students unwind from the academic rigour.

The simply stated corporate motif bearing name hides behind itself the charismatic characteristics of the Wolf. The logo symbolises the social bonding and camaraderie shared by a Wolf Pack. An abode for those who belong to the roads and nature, this club is created along with the legacies of the travellers. The club is the newest addition to the list and is dedicatedly focused on initiatives for unleashing the students' connect with trekking and travelling. The club is also an open community access club with access to not only the students but all people on the campus.

Sometimes we just need a little motivation to get us off the couch and outside, exploring and adventuring in this vast world of ours. We are B.A.T. - it's not the mountains we conquer but ourselves, and we do not have a bucket list, but we do have a bike-it list.

Bikers & Trekkers

  • Induction Ceremony: An induction ceremony was organized by the members of PGP2. Elected PGP1 Members were invited to a nearby hilltop for a small trek, and with the rising sun, new members were introduced to the rules, regulations, and activities planned.
  • Hilltop Trip

  • Roadtrip (First Trip of Junior team): The first road trip planned after the formation of the club was to Rajasamand Lake 60 Km away from Udaipur. Tales of Rajasamand lake made members excited, so the over-enthusiastic bunch decided to make a road trip out of it. The mesmerizing beauty of the lake became more memorable, with each ray of sun falling over the lake.
  • Rajsamand Lake

  • Badi Lake (Breakfast Ride):"Best moments happen when they are unplanned." This ride was such a beautiful experience with lots of fun, memories, and pictures, obviously. Badi lake is a scenic beauty that is situated around 30Km from the college campus. It is perfect for a morning ride before the dawn, and Fateh Sagar Lake is very nearby, where a lot of breakfast points are available to complete a perfect breakfast ride.
  • Badi Lake

Batch Trips
  • Jaisalmer: (79 Participants, 79 Hours): B.A.T. organized a trip to Jaisalmer (The Golden City), which is located at a distance of 500 km from Udaipur. The trip was planned for the junior batch to rejuvenate. The three days long weekend was the perfect time to make it possible.
  • Jaisalmer Trip

  • Ranakpur: The Bikers and Trekkers (B.A.T.) Club, IIMU, organized a trip to Ranakpur, which is located at 114 km from Udaipur. The adventure started the next day when all the participants left the resort at 6:00 AM to go for a Jungle Safari. The students left the resort at 11:30 AM and went for another adventure, which was a 6-km long trek along the mystic river. The participants enjoyed the trekking along the river and made lifelong memories with their friends.
  • Ranakpurtrip

Events in Audacity

The B.A.T. team organizes the adventure sports and fun events happening on the campus. The club is also a part of a cultural festival of I.I.M. Udaipur- Audacity and managed the following events in the year 2020, namely,

  • Paint-ball: "Tag 'em, Bag 'em, Automag 'em," as the quote describes, Paintball is a shooting sport played as a team and not solo. We motivate the participating candidates to play in a team and for the team. The adventure sport is all about encouraging team spirit and having fun with the colours all over.
  • Zorbing: This High-energy fun pastime event was organised for all the participating candidates and accompanying parents in order to keep the sporting spirit alive for both the youngsters and the young at heart. It was fun watching your friend/parent falling, bumping or rolling clumsily.
  • Slow-cycling: This event was primarily centered around the theme' slow and steady wins the race'. We, as the members of B.A.T., encouraged the idea that a person can achieve success through persistent efforts. It gave a feeling of nostalgia to all the participants who loved cycling in their early childhood.

Events Audacity