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Social and Recreational

About Us

FootworX – SIG (Special Interest Group) of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur is a group that is passionate about spreading the culture of dance by performing in multifarious events. The team puts in their efforts to express the art of dance in the most exorbitant way possible by creating a sense of inclusion within the crowd. We also pride ourselves in bringing out the latent talent within the students, by conducting workshops for various dance forms.

FootworX also holds the responsibility to encourage students to represent IIMU in dance competitions at other colleges and mark its presence.


Teachers' Day

An event organized by Code Red, where entire team of FootworX prepares a short performance for all the beloved faculty members and make them move their feet onto the beat of the music.

Oktober Challenge

As the name suggests ‘Oktober Challenge’ takes place in the month of October, when most of the PGP2s are out for IBP or STEP and this serves as a small step in keeping them connected to IIMU. This challenge gives a spotlight to the dance enthusiasts amongst the Balichans. The people of Balicha are given interesting dance challenges, and everyone comes forward enthusiastically with their amazing dance videos.

Garba Workshop

Navratri is another occasion where Footworx work to bring the students' community together through the Garba workshop. It is a 3-5 day workshop which ends with a Garba night organised by CulComm. This workshop facilitates enjoyment, cultural exchange and some can take initiative to teach Garba as well!!!

Solaris pre - event

The team dances cheek-to-cheek to mark the commencement of Solaris- one of the biggest management fests. Students from across the state are invited to this pre-event, and team FootworX grooves to set the IIMU’s management fest pace.


The team pull up their socks and put on their dancing shoes in the Annual Cultural Fest of IIMU. AUDACITY - the grand cultural fest of IIMU gives a platform to all the talented performers across the country. Here, the team is responsible for organizing a number of innovative dance events. The major of which are solo dance, duet dance, group dance, and spontaneous dance competitions. The team manages the end-to-end execution of the events-from incorporating the rules, concepts and ideation, prize money, hosting, prize distribution, etc. The team co-ordinates with the judges and the participants to cater to their needs before, during and after the event.


The most exciting and entertaining of all the events, well a jewel in the crown of FootworX is the Flashmob, bringing together the entire community into a well-coordinated group. It happens a couple of weeks before Audacity, in crowded locations, where we grab the attention of the people to promote “Audacity-the annual cultural fest”. We share a glimpse of what Audacity has to offer to the people, inviting them to attend the fest. Flashmob 2020 saw a participation of 75+ students from PGP1, PGP2 and PGPX who got together to give a memorable show.

Diwali Celebration

A glimpse of FootworX performing on Diwali Night in collaboration with Culcomm

Team FootworX came together to bring about a short performance during the Diwali Celebration organized by Culcomm. The event served as a catalyst for all the Dance lovers to put on their dancing shoes, tune in to the music, whoop their happiness in the air of festivities, and dance the night away.

The FootworX members also sent off their warm wishes to the community members and passed the gleam of diyas by showing off their moves. The flame of dance burning in their hearts continues to warm the hearts of Balichans.

Quarantine 2.0 series

Who said that Quarantine 2020 could only bring boredom and loneliness? The apprehensions came to an end-all when the team came up with an exciting and innovative activity for the Balichans. Dance videos from across the community were created, combined, and shared on the social media platforms to keep people engaged and positive. We loved how Balichans joined hands in beaming out art from their living rooms, making the experience surreal and making us believe that art transcends all barriers and boundaries, offline or online.