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Social and Recreational

About Us

The objective of LakeSiders, the Sports Committee of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, is to promote every individuals' health, physical well-being, and the acquisition of physical skills among the community of IIM Udaipur. The committee is designed to serve the interests of the student community in competitive sports and other recreational activities, i.e., both indoor and outdoor. LakeSiders, as a team, espouses the value of Ownership, Enthusiasm, Excellence, and Team Player. Team LakeSiders ensures that the sporting and fitness culture is an integral part of the curriculum through activities around the year, which have been outlined below. The committee aspires to make each sporting event a holistic approach to building qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit, and bonding and has put in great effort to deliver these.

Sporting Activities

LakeSiders are responsible for various sporting leagues for outdoor and indoor sports throughout the year, such as the Football League, Cricket League, Badminton League, Volleyball League, etc. We also work in tandem with other committees such as the Cultural Committee and organize numerous events such as Ground Quidditch.

Institute Representation

We maintain contact with various colleges to organize multiple tournaments and matches. We are responsible for our college's representation at various sporting events such as IIM Indore's Sports Fest, MICA Sports fest and the hard work that has seen us put up a splendid show in the previous years certain that we can help the college achieve further laurels at such events.

Gym Activities

We are responsible for supporting Gym related activities, which have contributed significantly to the overall fitness of the students of the IIM Udaipur community.

Social Media Management

The sports committee manages all the media handles of sports on Instagram and Facebook. We use our social media reach to highlight the vibrant sporting culture of IIM Udaipur for the IIMU community and the outside audience who associate with us in promoting sports culture in educational institutes.

League Matches

Sports committee, in the past year, has organized various league tournaments of various sports like Football (Football League of Udaipur), Cricket (CLU), Volleyball (VLU), Badminton (Shuttlerz League), Basketball (BLU), Throwball (TLU), Table-Tennis (TTLU). Apart from League matches, we have successfully organized Indoor games such as Carrom and Chess tournaments.

Shuttlerz League (SLU)

Shuttlerz League is the badminton tournament conducted by LakeSiders in the mess area in the year 2019. The tournament was conducted in five formats – Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's doubles, Women's doubles, and Mixed doubles and span across the whole week. The tournament was a massive success among the community as it saw the participation of more than 150 students.

Cricket League of Udaipur (CLU)

The tournament was organized in the year 2020 and was welcomed with great enthusiasm and support from the batches, who witnessed some spectacular sporting performances during the event. Teams were formed based on an auctioning process on the lines of the IPL, with girls as the team managers and responsible for bidding for CLU. A total of 68 participants were divided into four teams - Balicha warriors, Dhaakad Balichans, Runzillas, and Udaipur Vikings who battled in league stages to get into the final.

Football League of Udaipur (FLU)

The tournament was organized in the year 2020, right along with the Cricket League of Udaipur(CLU). Teams were formed based on an auctioning process, which was similar to CLU'20. A total of 40 participants were divided into four teams - Balicha warriors, Dhaakad Balichans, Runzillas, and Udaipur Vikings who battled for the winner's title.


Aarambh was the inaugural sports event of the academic year 2019-20, where the students competed individually for four different sports (Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess, and FIFA). It was a great success with over 150 participants who battled for glory.

Campus Run

LakeSiders organized a campus run in collaboration with the Admin team and CSA on National Sports Day, celebrated yearly on the birth Anniversary of hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand. The run started with a warm-up session by the Gym instructor at the Faculty lounge and then flagged off from the Faculty gate and ended at the Hostel gate, followed by a cool-down exercise in front of the Mess. The event saw the participation of more than 60 volunteers comprising the Students, Faculty, and Admin team. Post the run, a live telecast of PM Modi addressing the nation on his vision of the Fit India Movement was screened inside the mess area.

Farewell Series

Farewell series was organized by Team LakeSiders to conduct different sports competitions between MBA1's and MBA2's. The Farewell series has significance as it is the last event conducted by LakeSiders in the Academic year. It is also the occasion where captains of the respective sports hand over the legacy to MBA1's.

Sports Events in Section Wars

LakeSiders organizes various innovative sports activities during section wars like Devil Circuit, Ground Quidditch, Volleyball, and Throwball. Devil Circuit is an intense activity and the flagship product of LakeSiders, which judges students on various parameters. In 2019, LakeSiders came up with a unique offering of organizing Ground Quidditch at the Football ground. It was a huge success and engaged the audience in a highly competitive battle between the sections.

Sports Events in Flashback

Team LakeSiders organizes Football, Volleyball, and Cricket matches in Flashback, which is the annual Alumni meet. The event sees some intense clashes between Alums and IIMU students. It also serves as an opportunity to interact and build long-lasting bonding with Alums and seek their guidance on corporate culture and hear inspiring past stories about their life in IIMU.

Charity Matches

As part of the tradition, Team LakeSiders organizes charity matches between the Title Sponsors of Utkrisht and IIM Udaipur in different sports such as Cricket, Football, and Volleyball. These matches serve as an occasion to interact with corporates and build lasting bonds. The game is also used to highlight the cause of Udaipur Runs.

Past Events

Participation of various teams in SAMAR (MICA sports fest), IIM Indore's Sports Fest, "Ranbhoomi." Our contingent participated in 6 different sports, namely Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Frisbee, and Volleyball.

International Yoga Day

The students, faculty, aspirants, and members of the IIMU community celebrated the 6th edition of International Yoga Day on 21st June 2020. The administrative department and LakeSiders - IIM Udaipur's sports committee, with Ms. Parvathi Subramaniun as the instructor, arranged a virtual session. The event was attended with enthusiasm by over 100 participants who celebrated this day through video conferencing and performed various asanas. A quiz and a QnA round followed the yoga session.


The first event organized in the academic year 2020-21 was the ScoreWars, which happened on 11th October '20. Owing to the ongoing pandemic situation, the event occurred online and comprised of the following three standalone games:

  • EXQUIZ!T - The Sports Quiz

The entire event was well-received, with 150+ participants across all three games.


This was the second official online event of the year organized by Team LakeSiders on 23rd January '21. The event comprised of three standalone games:

  • Call of Duty - Mobile
  • UNO
  • Among Us

The event was well-received, with 150+ registrations across all three games. While COD and UNO had prize money, Among Us did not have any prize but received equal enthusiasm.

Fit India Movement

IIMU Community, in collaboration with LakeSiders, organized some activities under the purview of the Fit India Movement. This campaign aims at encouraging people to include physical activities and sports in their everyday lives. As part of this movement, we organized the following activities and events for the IIMU community:

  • Fit-U Challenge - The community member took up the fitness challenge on Instagram.
  • Yoga Workshop - Workshop by Ms. Parvathi Subramanian, which focused on releasing body stress and mental fitness.
  • Run with IIMU - Members of the IIMU community ran in their respective geographical locations, and their activities were monitored using the "Strava" Application
Reverence Cup

Team LakeSiders, in collaboration with Team Utkrisht, organized a multi-sport tournament in continuation of the spirit of Section Wars which included ten conventional sports. The event included Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball (M), Basketball (W), Badminton, Table-Tennis, Chess, Hockey, and Frisbee. Section D stood victorious in the same.