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Live Puppets of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur is the Special Interest Group (SIG) for people who are passionate about drama as well as those who want to spread drama culture on the campus (yes, one need not be a dramatist to become a part of this group!).

Drama is an art of expression which has an intention to bring change through entertainment, and Live Puppets prides itself not only through its performances but also by encouraging fellow students to bring out their hidden talent and passion.


Independence Day Play 2021

With Independence Day as the occasion, the club members chose to depict some current-day issues of the country through a play. It started by presenting the dichotomy involved in border tensions and war. While on one side of it, we as a nation rejoice our soldier’s victories on the borders; their families are caught in fear and, worse, in despair. A heart-wrenching truth we generally choose to ignore. The other was centred around the political influence exerted on mainstream media today, which should otherwise be unbiased and free in our country. The last theme, also the most pressing issue, was centred around fanaticism that haunts our country, how some popular figures use such vicious tools to their advantage. It was an attempt to talk about.

Bollywood ka Baap 2021

The event was organized on 2nd July 2021 for the newly admitted first-year students. The event involved an online quiz where the participants had to recognize the Bollywood stars and movies with the help of hints, given in the form of pictures depicting a scene from the movie, emoticons or pictorial signs that could relate to a movie.

The objective of the event was to acquaint the students with one of the small efforts taken to achieve the much broader aim of the institute to offer a well-balanced life. The event received a huge response, and the top three participants were rewarded for their performance.

Stage Play – Audacity ’20-21

On the second day of Audacity’21, Team LP performed on-stage as a prelude to the headliners of the evening, Mame Khan & Benny Dayal. The play was a satirical take on Indian media, its representation of current affairs in the country, and the common man’s reaction to it. The play also showcased how the relevance of news might not be related to its importance, but rather to its saleability.

Flashback 2020

Theatre is a mirror – A sharp reflection of society. For the main event, Live Puppets performed a Stage Play at Flashback; the Alumni met for IIMU. The play saw participation not only from the club members but also from non-members of the IIMU community. This years' act was a satirical and humour-filled representation of womens' hardships and struggles due to our society's immoral customs on millennial women. The play leads the audience to a parallel world where men and women have switched places, converging on women's social differentiation in the male-dominated Indian society.

Stage Play - Inquizition 2019

Theatre is regarded as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. Live Puppets performed for Inquizition, the pre-event of Solaris 2019, the Annual Management Fest of IIM Udaipur. The genre of the play was motivational, inspiring people to do some self-reflection and cultivate strong willpower to pursue their dreams and life goals, which was highly appealing to our audience comprising mainly of school students and their guardians.

Theatre Events – Audacity 2021

Team LP held 3 events during Audacity‘21, with 2 of them being online competitions where participants from all over the country could showcase their film-making and acting talents, while the 3rd event consisted of a light-hearted yet intense competition held offline during Audacity.

The events organized were as follows:

  • Balicha Film Festival – A short film-making competition for all cinephiles!
  • Nautanki Saala – A challenge to test your acting skills in a mono-acting competition!
  • Dumb Charades – A game of Dumb Charades, but with a twist!

Social Media Series
Rangmanch 2021

Rangmanch is the monologue series of Live Puppets launched in August 2021. It provides the artists with a platform to deliver their ideas in the style of a social message, humorous remark, poetry, prose, or rap. The initial two episodes of the series emphasized the focus on Social Anxiety and the Hardships of being a girl. The monologues were previously recorded and presented on the club's social media handles. Click here to view the Rangmanch video.

Cinematic Suite 2021

For the eternal love of movies, the club came up with an exciting initiative of doing movie/series reviews. It is a pure critical review of the movie/series, gauging it on all aspects from a neutral perspective. Extensive and comprehensive reviews of the movies/series are posted, exhibiting our analysis of the same. We like to bring out those subtle underlying aspects of a movie to the general audience, which need appreciation or criticism. This is an effort to appreciate the art of movie-making.

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