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Social and Recreational


We are a bunch of music enthusiasts who love jamming our hearts out. We pursue music so that it touches every soul and resounds in every corner of the campus to create positive vibes amplifying the energy altogether. We strongly believe that Music is the biggest religion that crosses all barriers of caste, creed, and gender, and we leverage its power to reflect the diversity of IIM Udaipur.


A glimpse of Octaves’ jamming sessions by Rock fans onboard.



Jukebox – It's an initiative taken by team Octaves where all kind of songs are shared among the students to help them relieve stress, keep them entertained and make them learn about different genres of music. Jukebox also is a platform for people to share their taste of music with other by sending a request to the team and have song dedications for their colleagues in the campus.


The team is responsible for organizing and conducting plenty of musical events around the year for all musical enthusiasts in the campus

Karaoke –

Traditionally the first event for the juniors on campus which provides the stage for everyone (trained and bathroom singers) together to share their love for music and sing any song to their hearts desire. Not being restricted to just once, but is held in 4-5 times around the year and is part of cultural festival and internal events of the college.

War of Bands –

Rock being one of the most renowned and popular genre of choice among the youth is celebrated in the form of war of bands in IIMU. The event is held at cultural fest of IIMU, Audacity. It is stage for many rock bands over the nation to compete with one another which includes a band of our own too.

War of Instruments –

Another variation to the events which was initiated last year is 'War of Instruments'. The event showed positive response from the contestant during Audactiy '16, with features marking combinations of Shehnai and Harmonium, flute and table and many such instruments mesmerizing the crowd with their performance.

Air Band –

Ocatves also has something for the people who have yet learn to play any instruments - Air Band. It's been an internal competition reserved for juniors where any music lover could form a band and act like one on stage with the presence of instruments to show their showmanship and performance.

Rap Assualt –

This events is for the people to show their creativity in not just singing but writing a song where people compete in the genre of Rap songs, by writing and singing their own composition on stage.

Antakshari –

One can never live away from music, so we as a team, ensure that Music reaches you, touches you and inspires you amidst the hectic schedules of the Institute. We call ourselves the catalyst that stimulates the musician inside to you to break free.

We have conducted events in the past such as the "Antaskhari," wherein we get participants to come up and sing their favorite tunes. We also bring to life the music element during the various cultural activities in the Institute.

Workshop –

The team Octaves also intends to help the people to learn instruments which many have been willing to do since long time. Keeping such focus in mind began the Guitar workshop last year to have people interested to play the guitar. The classes were taken by experienced member of the team who have been Guitarists in bands and been learning to play guitar for over 10 years. Further, the team intends to have workshop for other instruments depending on interest of the community in a particular instrument.


Contact Number :- 8109101524 octaves@iimu.ac.in