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Social and Recreational


Potpourri, the literary and quizzing club is the literary think-tank of Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur. As the name signifies and the logo corroborates, the club promotes a blend of ideas from various spheres of quizzing, public speaking, literature and art, all mixed with some boisterous entertainment.

The Motto of Potpourri 'De Stringere Liber' means the desire 'To Liberate the Stressed', and each member of the club embodies the same. Potpourri consists of people who dabble in mutually exclusive fields of interest like mythology, classic literature, poetry and novels. The club also attracts ardent movie buffs, comic lovers and TV series binge watchers. The club tries to foster an appreciation for all things which are fun and creative.


Quizzes on Sports, Business and all topics prodigious are organized by Potpourri. The club has a tradition of conducting Independence day and Republic day quizzes which sees participation in large numbers from students and faculty alike. Apart from these, the IIMU community eagerly awaits participation in sprightly quizzes like the 90’s quiz, Magic, Battle of Houses, Teacher day quiz.

The IIMU newsletter 'Balicha Bugle' gives a quarterly take on the activities in the Balicha campus about our community and is circulated within the IIMU sphere. The Balicha Buzz is a newsletter with a fun, sarcastic take on all happenings and gossips under the Balicha sun.

The Udaipur Leap Day LitFest

With a motive to promote the love for reading and all things literary, The Leap Day Lit fest was conceptualized to provide a platform to students and the public of Udaipur alike, to interact with and learn from eminent word- smiths. The fest is held as a day event on the 28th of Feb every year and as a two-day event in case of a leap year. This year, The Leap day Litfest was graced by eminent writers Mr. Apurv Nagpal and Mr. Ravi Subhramanian, filmmaker and National Award Winner Mr. Hansal Mehta and Actor Mr. Sumeet Vyas .

The Udaipur Amazing Race

With a motive to promote the heritage and exciting locales of Udaipur, Potpourri conducted The Udaipur Amazing Race which fascinated participants with many twists and turns. It included a little bit of pottery, a dip in the cold waters of Lake Pichola, a visit to the Royal Graveyard, the local Goshala and much more – and the best part, the cryptic clues to all these locations.

The Mafia game

This game of survival saw participants donning roles of mafia and commoners. There was great action and participation from the community where the players plotted and discussed during the day and used their special roles to eliminate players of the opposite group by night.