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About Us

Potpourri, the literary and quizzing club, is the literary think-tank of the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur. As the name signifies and the logo corroborates, the club promotes a blend of ideas from various spheres of quizzing, public speaking, literature and art, all mixed with boisterous entertainment.

The Motto of Potpourri 'De Stringere Liber' means the desire 'To Liberate the Stressed', and each member of the club embodies the same. Potpourri consists of people who dabble in mutually exclusive fields of interest like mythology, classic literature, poetry and novels. The club also attracts ardent movie buffs, comic lovers and TV series binge-watchers. The club tries to foster an appreciation for all things which are fun and creative.


Potpourri organises quizzes on sports, business and all topics prodigious. Apart from quizzes, various fun games and engaging events like "The Escape Room", "The Open Mic Night" and "Mafia Nights" are also organised, which help students to reduce their stress. An online treasure hunt was also organised by the club this year. The flagship event of the club is the "Literature Festival" which is organised every year.

The IIMU magazine, 'Balicha Bugle', publishes poetry, literature and art talents of the IIMU community and is circulated within the IIMU sphere.

The ‘Balicha Buzz’ is a newsletter with a fun, sarcastic take on all happenings and gossips under the Balichan sun.

"QuotesforU", a recent initiative, engages our Instagram followers with tidbits about quotes by famous people, literary or otherwise.


The Udaipur Leap Day LitFest





The Udaipur Leap Day LitFest with a motive to promote the love for reading and other literary things, Leap Day Lit fest was conceptualised to provide a platform to students and the public of Udaipur alike to interact with and learn from the eminent wordsmiths. This year, The Leap day Litfest was organised on 10th April and 11th April 2020 and graced by eminent writers Ms. Meghna Pant, Ms. Lavanya Laxminarayan and Mr. Utkarsh Patel and artists Ms. Priya Malik and Mr. Yahya Bootwala.


A creative writing workshop was also organised for school students of classes 8th to 12th conducted by Mr. Anuj Gosalia, the CEO of "Terribly Tiny Tales". The schools that participated in the workshop were ‘Maharana Mewar Public School, Udaipur’, ‘Indo American Public School, Udaipur’, ‘MGD Girl’s School, Jaipur’, ‘Maharana Mewar Vidya Mandir, Ambamata’, St. Anne’s Sr. Sec. School, Jodhpur’ and ‘Mayo College Girl’s School, Ajmer’. The fest was filled with many other fun events like "What's Your Pitch", "Ship Wreck", "How the turntables", “Spin A Yarn”, “Quizino Royale”, and "Treasure Hunt".

Abhivyakti: Open-Mic Night

The open-mic night was organised by Potpourri on 4th October’20 on a digital platform with much aplomb, drawing large crowds. Students from both MBA1 and MBA2 along with GSCM and DEM unearthed the hidden shayars, poets, storytellers, vocalists and comedians in them and filled the atmosphere with absolutely fantastic performances.


Inquizition 2020-21

Potpourri, the literary and quizzing club of IIM Udaipur, helped organise the second edition of ‘Inquizition’ in collaboration with Solaris 2020-21, as the flagship pre-event on 3rd January 2021. The event was envisaged as a premier inter-school quiz competition in the region and saw enthusiastic participation of the students from 5 schools over two intense rounds.


Potpourri, the literary and quizzing club of IIM Udaipur, conducts intriguing quizzes about diverse topics throughout the year. It conducted a quiz on 28th November ’20 based on the popular ‘Harry Potter’ series and conducted a quiz ‘The tourney of the trivia’ on 20th December 2020 based on the popular ‘Game of thrones’ series, both of which received an enthusiastic response from the batch.