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Social and Recreational

About Us

'PRAYATNA', the social responsibility club of the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, strives to sensitize the future business leaders of the institute towards social responsibilities. Team Prayatna attempts to bring about momentous changes in society through interactions at the grassroots level with regards to different sectors, including education, healthcare, and environmental care. Prayatna shares social responsibility with the IIM Udaipur community, and further invites everyone to participate actively in all its events and activities. It works hard to empower underprivileged society and simultaneously adds strength to the IIM Udaipur community by involving them in decision making.


Plant adoption drive was initiated in 2019 at IIM Udaipur, to be seen as an annual event for making the environment greener by introducing a culture of adopting a plant, taking care of it, and nurturing it. On the Independence Day team, Prayatna organized a “PLANT ADOPTION DRIVE” with a theme of Environmental Sustainability. In the end, when a student leaves the campus, they pass that plant to the fellow juniors. All the pots have a name of a student who adopted them engrave on them. The selection of plants also done in a way that can be put in a student’s room. The plants in the places can help the students to reduces stress, purify the air, and offer them a better sleep. The motive here was to create awareness through the ownership as we care the most for a thing when we own it.


The cloth donation drive is organized every year to benefit the poverty-stricken needy people and their families. Every year, passing batch with their clothes accumulated over two years donate leftovers in large numbers, which are then handed over to the ones in need.



Team Prayatna, in association with YourDOST, conducts a campaign every year to increase the mental health awareness among the community. Two recent campaigns were “#YouAreNotAlone” and “Promise Board”. The campaigns are organized in the Mental Health Awareness Month.In this campaign, members of the community come forward and write their messages/experiences on the sticky note and posted it on the notice board to increase awareness and to lessen the stigma associated with it. As part of the campaign preparation and promotion, YourDOST provides the posters with relevant messages.



In line with Environmental Sustainability, Prayatna, in collaboration with Alumni Affairs Association for the very first time, organized a tree plantation initiative for the Milestone V batch on January 24 2020. Our respected director sir Dr. Janat shah and Milestone V batch Alumni together, flagged off this new tradition. From now onwards, every Milestone V batch visiting the campus every year will plant a tree. With this Alumni Affairs committee aims to build a legacy that gives our Alumni a thing to come back to whenever they visit our beautiful campus in the future.



A team from Prayatna Club, IIM Udaipur visited Rajkiya Pragyachakshu Madhyamik Andh Vidyalaya, a blind school in Udaipur that has 94 visually impaired students. Here, students wait for Braille textbooks or regularly depend on another person who can read for them. Prayatna has taken up the initiative to record audio guidebooks that help students to prepare for exams anytime. Students from IIM Udaipur are volunteering for this noble cause, and audio CDs would be donated to the blind school. Prayatna plans to expand Swar to other Blind Schools in Rajasthan.



India has always been known for its culture and heritage. Our country holds an understanding of mind, body & soul and has been preserving & enhancing it by walking on various paths. One such way is practicing Yoga. We, at IIM Udaipur, thrive for better well-being along with academic excellence. To achieve the objective, the 5th edition of International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2019, was celebrated at the IIM Udaipur Campus by the members of the Student Community, Faculty, and the Administrative Staff. The event witnessed the presence of over a hundred children assisted by Maitree Manthan NGO.

Also, regular yoga sessions are organized on campus for students to make their lifestyle healthy.




Blood Donation, one of the prestigious annual events of Prayatna, was held on November 6, 2019, at IIM Udaipur campus. The drive was conducted in collaboration with Saral Blood Bank, Udaipur. The drive saw massive participation from the whole IIM Udaipur community as there were a total of 91 donors, which made the event a huge success. One unit of blood (i.e., 350 ml) was taken from every donor, bringing the total blood count to 31.85L.



For Christmas 2019, the members of the IIMU community donated the hat of Santa Claus for the children of NGO Impetus. Prayatna, keeping with their tradition of giving back to the society, organized a Christmas winter clothes donation drive under which contributions were collected from the community members. These were used to buy new winter clothes and later distributed to the children by the community on December 24. Sixty children were gifted sweaters and earmuffs.



To empower and to strengthen weaker sections of the society is indeed a significant contribution to society. Prayatna, in collaboration with Alumni and Allies Association, organized the Handicraft exhibition by Sadhana, thus taking small steps towards community empowerment. Handicrafts in Sadhana are manufactured by rural tribal women. Women not only get financially independent, but it also instills confidence in them.

Handicraft exhibition consisted of various clothes (men and women), bags, anklets, etc. The cloths bear traditional artwork like tanka and patchwork. Through purchasing these items, the IIM Udaipur community made a small attempt towards the social empowerment of strong tribal women.



Team Prayatna organized a movie screening for the children of construction workers living within the campus. Prayatna team first went to the children’s camp, celebrated flag hoisting, and brought them over to campus for movie screening. The event began with high enthusiastic kids who were filled with patriotism, holding in their eyes, the pride for the country. To keep their spirit high, the team asked children to showcase their talents. Few among them came forward and recited poems with acts and gestures. The audience was delighted by their beautiful acts.

The movie that screened was the lion king. Snacks were served during the show. The kids enjoyed the entire event and danced to the tune of patriotic songs at the end of the event. The NGO, which was present with the kids and guardians of the kids, was overwhelmed by the love shown by the IIMU community.



To connect with the local community, Prayatna organized ‘Paricharcha’, an inter-school elocution competition, in collaboration with Silvertongues – The Toastmasters’ Club in January 2020, as a part of the cultural fest - Audacity. This event aimed to encourage the participants to hone their public speaking skills.



We at Prayatna believe that Social responsibility begins with understanding the social issues before finding solutions for the same. War of Words is an English debate event organized by Prayatna to understand different perspectives of social issues by young minds.

Tark Vitark is a Hindi debate competition organized by Prayatna in the Cultural celebration of IIMU aimed at developing skills and knowledge while also keeping the passion & soul of our culture intact.



On February 16, 2020, Prayatna, in collaboration with the “Spinning Wheels” NGO, was successful in installing a sanitary napkin incinerator in the Government school of Pai. The idea was to reduce the number of girl students dropping out of class during their menstruation cycle. Team Prayatna helped raise funds through community donations for the installation of sanitary napkin incinerator.



Prayatna, the Social Responsibility Club of IIMU, addressed the batch of ICICI RSETI on February 22, 2020. IIMU students, along with Professor Kirti Mishra, guided them on how to excel in their interviews and ways for overall personal development. The team educated them on various methodologies for cracking an interview from the daily timetable to ways of boosting their self-confidence. We also talked about the importance of working outside their home cities for their overall personal development.



The celebration of women’s day was undertaken in collaboration with the administrative team as an initiative to celebrate and empower women. Various activities took place which included a physical activity session which was attended by students, staff as well as professors, post that the women wellness center was inaugurated. In the end, female workers joined in the celebration and distributed jute bags to them.



Sachin Porwal, a student of Pragya Chakshu Sansthan Andha Vidyalaya, performed in the Annual General Body Meeting scheduled during the Milestone V and Flashback VII events in collaboration with A4. He entertained the audience with his on the spot jokes. This was the second time he performed at IIM Udaipur. The audience thoroughly enjoyed his presence, and Sachin loved the vibe and support he got from IIM Udaipur.