Annual Management festival- Solaris 2016


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"A great accomplishment shouldn't be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward." – Harvey Mackay

Solaris, which gathers its name from the sunny disposition of the city where it was born and nurtured, aspires to be an eclectic mix of industry heavyweights and individuals,who will provide everyone present with a bird's eye view of their inspirational lives.Solaris'15 was a platform to showcase the great strides taken by IIM Udaipur in becoming a leading business school of the country and Solaris'16 is a step further in developing this mindset.

In drawing parallels with the Indian economic context, the journey of the institute and Solaris in general has been nothing short of the aptly titled The Quantum Leap i.e. the Indian economic boom post liberalization. Udaipur, as a city, has shown a tremendous growth from being the city of Mewars to being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. Lately it has also been included under the smart cities mission by the Government of India.

A two-day long extravaganza full of events to keep some of India's most brilliant minds engaged, Solaris is entirely conceptualized and managed by students. From keynote addresses from revered and distinguished luminaries, to stimulating business wisdom through panel discussions, case-study competitions to debates, Solaris aims to be bigger and better with every passing year. A perfect blend of academia, management and entertainment, the fest will include participation from pan-India management schools and other graduate and post-graduate colleges, young professionals and established industry giants alike. Keeping in sync with the values of IIM Udaipur, Solaris endeavors to ignite minds, illuminate thoughts and inspire hearts.



The inaugural summit of Solaris organized by Media and Industry Interaction Cell sets the stage for this business carnival. The event sees the best of academia and the business world coming together to exchange emerging ideas and unlearn the conventions by breaking the shackles of conventional thought process and thus reinventing the tried and the tested. It is a golden opportunity to sneak a peek into the minds of the great visionaries of modern India who found a way to converge idealism and reality in business


The Finance Summit by Finomina – the Finance Club of IIMU aims at promoting industry-student interactions where the thought leaders in the global financial scenario engage in open discussions and brainstorming session with the future financial managers. The discussions revolve around the evolving trends in the financial world and the micro and macroeconomic factors that affect financial decision making. The illuminating and thought provoking sessions of the summit consists of interactive Panel Discussions and Face-Off session.


The Annual Marketing Summit organized by MarClan, the marketing club of IIMU, is a platform to define and rethink the marketing strategies for the constantly evolving marketing paradigm. Samvaah discusses the shifting power dynamics in the evolving marketplace, the paradoxes wrought by connectivity and the growing subculture splintering that shapes the future consumers. The summit facilitates interaction with eminent figures in the field of marketing where they share their insights on the importance of retrospection for product development and marketing through interactive sections and workshops.


The business conclave, organized by ConsultU, the Consulting Club and PiE, the Economics Club of IIM Udaipur aims to promote synthesis of ideas and insightful exchanges between industry and academia by engaging in discussions on the latest issues in the world of economics.Antardrishti provides an opportunity to discuss the contemporary macroeconomic factors affecting India and their interplay with global economic and financial situation. The summit consists of thought-provoking insights by guest speakers, panel discussions, and open house sessions.



VISHLESHAN (Analytics)

The Case Study Challenge will test the knowledge and skills to analyze any case. More importance would be given for the approach and methodologies adopted to come to the insightful conclusion. Participants can use any tools to analyze the case.

VAAD VIVAAD (Economics)

One of the most important skills for management students to have is the skill to put forward their point in a crisp and precise manner. Convincing skills play an important role in today's corporate world and Debates are one of the best ways to hone these skills. Vaad Vivaad is the annual national debate competition held by PiE – The Economics Club of IIM Udaipur, to test the debating skills of management students across all the B-schools in India.

JUXTAPOSE (Marketing)

This 2 round event will have the participating teams selecting one brand from a given set of 5-6 given brands and analyse its evolution since its inception, and present their results in the form of a video and a presentation. Teams qualifying for Round 2 will be called to the campus. The qualified teams will be provided a brand prior to coming to the campus. For this brand the teams will have to prepare a brand extension (an entirely new product category which is not related to their current products) and present it on campus.


The startup quiz and simulation game organized by Saksham, the E-Cell of IIM Udaipur in collaboration with TOPSIM (by TATA Interactive Systems), this event would test your entrepreneurial concepts from strategy, resource optimization, marketing, organizational behavior and financial management.


A battle wherein you win based on your financial intellect and grit by going through a series of tests against the best minds of the country. It starts with a preliminary quiz round followed by a challenging case study. This year, the battle is going to be more challenging and rewarding than the last year.

OPSENIGMA (Operations)

It is a 3 round event to challenge your knowledge and acumen of operations. The first round consists of a simulation game where your managerial skills are put under trial. The second round tests your grasp of Operations and Supply Chain Management concepts via an online quiz. The shortlisted teams from the second round will compete in the final case study round where the teams have to put on their thinking hats to solve real world problems faced by industries.