Audacity 2017

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IIM Udaipur’s Audacity event on January 21st and 22nd, 2017.

The most spellbinding journey which we have all been waiting for – Audacity- the package of mind boggling performances which will make everybody add their own magic to it. From our very own campus – IIMU welcomes you to have a night of stars, go face to face with the bands, walk the ramp with Miss India, meet an Anjaana-Anjaani on a blind date, show off your FIFA skills and have a go at counter strike in our Insomnia night, find the treasure with De mystify Udaipur, earn the title of Chef-e-Udaipur in our cooking competition, put yourself in the human foosball, lock yourself in the fantasy ground of Hogwarts.

Event Description:
  • Pro-nite: Pro-nite is a celebration of essence, flamboyance and melodies. Let go of your senses and celebrate the rhythm in the music on this night of pure magic as the best artists take on the stage to enthrall you with their dulcet tunes and deadly beats, all coming together in one breath-taking performance.
  • Foosball: In this larger than life version of the game, we're kicking it up a notch and putting YOU in the soccer pitch. A huge arena with players harnessed to poles stretching width-wise ensuring continuous play and great view.  Team work will be much needed here, so bring your friends and we will bring the fun to you (plus lots of magic this year)!
  • Dance: A solo can be scintillating, a duo can be dashing but it is the group that is game for everything - the sync, the beat and the groove. Showcase your magic moves and enchant the audiences with your solo, duet and group performances.
  • Rock Resurrect: Get ready as they cast a spell on you and get your heads banging as Audacity'17 invites you to witness the battle for supremacy in the War of Bands. A stage where rock is resurrected by the best bands from colleges across the country as they spread their infectious passion on to the raptured audiences.
  • Pub-Quiz: "Wine is the answer… but what was the question?" You get to know all the questions and answer them. In this ultimate Bollywood Quiz, held in a pub-like setting, is a chance to let that fan inside you shine as you prove your Bollywood mettle.
  • De-Mystify Udaipur: Pack your bags and race ahead of your opponents as you discover the treasure in our lake city -- Udaipur. Explore the magical corners, hidden nuisances and the spectral beauty of the city of lakes and forts as you set on an adventure - Robert Langdon style!
  • Insomnia Night: Put yourself in the shoes of the foosball player, go for FIFA and brace yourself as we have counter strike in the house. It's a pure fantasy for gamers as we are bringing you the gamer's night. You will wish the night never ends.
  • Chef-e-Udaipur: The only relationship in which there will be no break up is the one with food. Don't we all just love food? It's even more magical if you're a chef. Start dicing or the real master chef will chop you out of the kitchen.
  • Anjaana-Anjaani: Going on a blind date may seem scary at first but surprisingly refreshing. Anjaana-Anjaani is one of the most enthralling event of Audacity. Get ready to find your right chemistry in the most magical way.