Supply Chain Management Submmit'18

SCM Summit

SCM summit, the annual flagship event of Skein, the Operations and Supply Chain Management Club, aims at bringing multiple industry experts on one stage at IIM Udaipur. Through student interaction in the form of Q&A and panel discussion, it aims at going deep into the understanding of the topics in discussion, with a view of getting closure from the experts who have been there and have practical experience of what the students aspire to do. The theme for the 5 th edition of SCM summit “SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN RISK MANAGEMENT” tries to throw light on the management of suppliers and the risk management techniques in the supply chain domain.

In support of the summit, Skein also conducts competitions on a national level in the form of Case Study, Online Quiz and Simulation Game.

Event Details

Date: 3 rd February, 2018

Venue: IIM Udaipur